Monday, November 21, 2011

Eww!!! What are these?! They're some sort of skin allergy/rash?

I'm 16 and I would get these tiny red dots all over my leg (and just my leg) every month. It's horrible! It's always unbearably itchy which makes it worse. Sometimes they get inflamed and i feel a burning sensation. Half of them are just flat... itchy red dots (no its not chicken pox) and half of them are bumpy like (kind of like a mosquitoe bite but its not) and in the middle is a tiny hole. Look for yourself.

Eww!!! What are these?! They're some sort of skin allergy/rash?
Dermatitis ... you are getting into something like poison iv y or you have food allergies ...

I have that rash, too ...

go see an allergist ... you do NOT want to see the list of food I would recommend you to avoid (includes wheat, dairy, shellfish, etc.)

mine flares up when I eat thai curry b/c of the shrimp paste ...
Reply:you need to go to the Dr and have these checked out!
Reply:I believe you have hives.
Reply:sounds like chiggers..have you been in grass,woods being on your legs only you think of crawling insects etc...

possibly fleas or scabies.

could be allergic rxn to socks or detergent..but should be where rest of your clothes touch too?
Reply:It looks like poison ivy or poison oak. Have you been out in the forest? Do you have pets with fleas? I would get to a dermatologist, quickly! If it itches that badly.
Reply:I can see from the picture that you sent that it must be a contact dermatitis. This happen when any surface, like your socks, water or any allergen for that matter get in contact with your skin. In your case, your foot. The itchiness is cause by the allergic reaction. You can wash your feet daily and put dry and clean socks when needed. You may as well apply any anti itch cream like dermovate or probably you can take in some anti- histamines which you can just buy in any drug house, over the counter. :)
Reply:This looks like an allergic rash. Is it possible that your house has flea's? (maybe a pet in the past had them and the pet is no longer in the house?) Typically if a flea has an animal to bite, they don't bite humans but if the animal is removed and they are hungry... they will bite humans.

That flea thing is just a guess but it totally looks like an allergic rash. You really should go to the doctor as they can give you something to make you more comfortable and maybe they can figure out what the allergy is.
Reply:It looks like it's in your sock area - maybe you are allergic to the rubber/laytex used in the socks? There is an elastic thread they use on the ankles of socks to keep them up. You should try wearing a different brand, maybe all cotton for a month to see if it helps that go away.

Also, seeing a doctor for this would be a good idea.
Reply:go see an allergist ... if your parents don't take you, they either have crappy insurance or are clueless ...
Reply:Its hard to say what this might be . . . In order of likelihood: atopic dermatitis or allergic reaction caused by wearing something that irtitates you skin; fungal infection (Tinea or Candidiasis), or some type of herpetic infection (similar to cold sores - not the STD).


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