Monday, November 21, 2011

Hydrogen Peroxide burn on my skin?

I recently used hydrogen peroxide on a wound but spilled in on my leg around the wound, didn't realize I had not wiped it all off.,now I have two area with blisters next to the wound, very sore, sometimes itchy, what can I use on this area to heal it more quickly?

Hydrogen Peroxide burn on my skin?
neosporin with pain killer in it
Reply:I doubt that it is a burn from peroxide its not that strong only 3%. The itching is probably just a sign its healing. If your concerned about infection use an antibiotic ointment like neosporin. otherwise just leave it alone and let it heal naturally
Reply:Witch Hazel, available at the drug store will sooth the itching. Apply it with a cotton swab.

What kind of Peroxide were you using? The 3% solution doesn't harm skin if you leave it on. Did you use the hair dye type? That"s a no-no.
Reply:Make sure you rinse it with cool water if you haven't already. If you took a shower, that's okay. As long as the excess peroxide has been washed away.

It's a little unusual for people to get really burned as you have. You must have sensitive skin which would lead me to tell you to just leave it alone. If the itching gets to be unbearable, you could use a low percentage hydrocotisone cream but you DON'T want to put that near the wound. At least not close enough to get into the wound.

If none of that has worked, you're best bet is to leave it alone because if you have sensitive skin, you don't want to further aggravate it. Please make sure you see a doctor if things don't get any better within the next couple days.

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