Monday, November 21, 2011

I have very dry skin on my forehead, is these anything i can do?

I am a man in my 40's, and sometimes it is a little itchy. No not being in my 40's,! but my forehead!


I have very dry skin on my forehead, is these anything i can do?
Being in your 40's can be a bit itchy, I agree.
Reply:use a moisturizer
Reply:put some lotion of that ashy forehead..:)
Reply:Buy a good skin moisturiser.
Reply:LOts of mousturizer or lotion. Buying brand names(Lubriderm is the one we found works best for our son) with this actually DOES make a difference. They also say to not use soap on your face, but I started using Dove and it helps some too. I have a 10 month old with moderate eczema and these are just a few of the things we've done to help him. Hope it helps you too!@
Reply:try nivea moisturiser for 2 weeks and youll notice a difference.
Reply:Try using Head and shoulders shampoo, works wonders for my daughter and shes only 14 . :) good luck
Reply:A good quality moisturiser should help if not find out wether it is scaly, in which case it could be warning signs of sun related damage - check up with your Skin specialist
Reply:It depends really. If you have always had dry skin or if it is a recent development. If it is recent, you need to check out if there is anything new that is in direct contact with your skin that may be causing it. For example a new type of soap you have been using, a new deodorant, new moisturizer or even new clothes. Any of the above could be a reason for witch your skin is reacting differently then normally. If you have always had dry skin, you should go and see a dermatologist because they do help sometimes. I recently had the measles and I didn't know because I thought I had already had them when I was a child plus, I didn't get spotty or anything. Well, the reason I went to a dermatologist is because I had excessively dry skin.

Sometimes it is more then simple dry skin, it could be anything from a virus, a infection or even a cold. Your skin is just as much effected by any change in health as the rest of your body.

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