Monday, November 21, 2011

For months now my skin itches, how do I stop it?

I have tried everything over the counter, change to products with no dyes or purfumes, allergy pills, even tried lice stuff to make sure it wasn't a parasite. Anything they have at the drug store I tried. I get a small itchy rash bump that looks like a heat rash only it is on different parts of my body. it itches night and day. cort10 does not slow it down, I need some relief. The Dr said to go to a dermatoligst, I have no insurance. Has anyone experienced this and found relief?

For months now my skin itches, how do I stop it?
If the doctor would write you a script for a steroid cream, I found that to stop the itching when nothing else works. It's stronger than what we can buy over the counter. Can't use it for a long time, but it may take care of the problem.

If you haven't already tried oatmeal or baking soda soaks in the bathtub, I'd give them a try. I think the baking soda works the best, just put a cup or 2 in a warm bath, soak for 15 minutes or so.

Good Luck, this has to be sooo annoying!
Reply:omg it really sucks i have been living with this for about 2 years now I WENT TO A DERMATOLOGIST and they said it looks to be eczema and gave all kinds of med to try will guess what they did not help eeeeerrrrrrrrr its not eczema I'm pretty sure about that because like you said there are little spots all over not alot in one spot the only thing that helps even alittle is baby oil(gel) and lotion after a bath or shower every time and don't take as long of showers and bath and not to hot good luck and let me know if you find some thing else

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