Monday, November 21, 2011

I Have A weird skin problem on my arm?

Its Like little bites on my arm but they are all pusssy a bit like pimples and they are very itchy. I Recently got a new matress for my bed i thought it was bed bugs but then again they would be all over my body. Ive been putting Savlon on it but it doesnt seem to be working all tht well. does anybody know what it is and if you do can you tell me somethink to stop it from spreading and irritating

I Have A weird skin problem on my arm?
impetigo or scabies
Reply:sounds more like ant bites/micro organisms or poison ivy. wash and keep the are clean and dry (scratching may spread the problem). take benadryl and if the problem persists, see a dermatologist.
Reply:try putting gold bonds powder all over the bed, rub it in, then vacuum it off. after that double up on the sheets after washing them with bleach (if white) if that doesn't work try buying an ionic breeze from sharper image to get certain allergens out of your air.

if all that fails maybe its not the bed trace your steps every day it happens to find anything else you might have changed.
Reply:Go to a clinic. Anything that is oozing should be looked at. There is a new bacteria out there that is highly dangerous and can infect you that is resistant to antibiotics called (forgive the spelling but sounds like) Mursa. Better to be safe than sorry.
Reply:The best person who would give you a better answer would be your primary care doctor, he'll refer you to a dermatologist. If you do not have a doctor, then I'm sure there are some low income clinics around your area.

I'm sure it is not "Mursa" or MRSA as someone else has mentioned. MRSA stands for Methicillin Resistant Staph. Aureus. It's just Staph bacteria that is resistant to full spectrum antibiotics. If you're a healthy individual, your body can fight it. MRSA would produce a fever and red streaks up your arm if you did have it. It doesn't seem that you have the symptoms of MRSA since these are pimples and it is itchy. The pussing may be because you are itching it. But like i said, only a referal to a dermatologist would determine what it is.
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