Monday, November 21, 2011

Whats wrong with me? (skin problem)?

i went out in the sun for like 10 minutes today and all the sudden theres these red blotches on my arm.

its not itchy or anything.

and on my face too, except that wasnt because i was outside. it just happened one day. my face was really hot. like a fever but i didnt feel sick.

it happened to my twin too, a couple weeks ago when she was outside for a long time, the same red blotches were on her legs and arms.

i think my face and arms are seperate problems because they were caused in different ways as i have explained...but i dont kkonw....

Whats wrong with me? (skin problem)?
Could be something like rosacea. Or it could be a heat rash. Also, some medications/topical creams can cause reactions when exposed to sunlight.
Reply:Sounds like heat rash.
Reply:hey you might want to see a doctor it kinda seems like you have skin cancer i dont no but talk to a doctor right away
Reply:Were you wearing any perfume or scented lotion? Sometimes that can cause a reaction to the sun.
Reply:i think its salpullido or a heat rash
Reply:get anti-fungal cream you get it in the drug store put it on a few times daily it should clear up.
Reply:the person that said skin cancer..please shut up...

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