Monday, November 21, 2011

Red bumps of my skin, what causes this?

Recently I started to have this dime size red bumps on my torso. At first I thought it was a spider bite, because I only had 1 of them , then I started getting mulitple ones. I had them on my chest and on my sides close to my underarms. They were red and dry so I tried to put some lotion on them. They also were itchy. Then they went away. But I still have a couple lingering around. I don't really know exactly what caused them or how to prevent them from coming back any ideas?

Red bumps of my skin, what causes this?
sounds like sweat.

but definitely go consult a dermatologist about this.
Reply:go see a dermatologist. i had a rash once that started on my torso it was called pitirasis rosea...(the spelling may be wrong) but it starts in moist areas of the torso and spreads. the rash tends to look like a cedar tree. it is extremely itchy. if this is what you have you will need a medicated soap from the dr.

my dr told me that it is common in teens and younger adults and they are not sure what causes it.

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