Friday, August 20, 2010

HELP!!! Skin Problem?

I have this reddish pimple like things that are clearish in the middle and kinda itchy and are only on the inside of my arms. I have no idea what they are. Help please!

Also there is sorta rash forming cause i've been scratching them

HELP!!! Skin Problem?
You should get some good hydrocortizone cream for a topical antihistimine and anti-itch ointment. If that is not enough, get Coloidal oatmeal for the bath and soak your skin that is affected in the oatmeal water. Benedryl is also a good antihistamine for this type of thing.

If this is not enough, then you should make an appointment to see your Dr. You sound like you are having an allergic reaction to something. If the symptoms start getting more serious, call the Dr., and if you have any trouble breathing because of constriction in your throat or swelling of your tongue, then get to the ER immediately!
Reply:I'm not sure what it is and what to advice you. As applying certain creams, etc. might irritate it. I suggest you go see an Md.
Reply:I have the same thing, is called Keratosis Pilaris and its nothing serious, its jsut from dry arms. I use Noxema Vitamen C Cleanser on my arms whenever I shower, thenuse Jergens skin smoothing Cellular Renewal lotion and its gotten alot better! its not serious, but if you mention it to your next doctor the next time your there he can probly perscribe a lotion or something! Good lucK!!

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