Friday, August 20, 2010

Skin Rash on my ears and sides of face?

I have recently developed an itchy dryness on my ears and sides of face, it is like small little bumps, they are driving me nuts! What could this be?

Skin Rash on my ears and sides of face?
You could have developed an allergy to a hair product you've been using. Or have you recently had your hair chemically processed?

Change your hair products to a natural mild range and see if it goes away.
Reply:Thanks for the vote of confidence. I'm so happy you've found the culprit :D Report It

Reply:Make an appointment with a dermatologist.
Reply:I don't know! Suggest you go to a pharmacy and ask the pharmacist. Possibly he can suggest something over-the-counter that is inexpensive but effective.

Don't waste time, because it COULD be cellulitis, a common, easily treatable condition, but requirees antibiotics. I had it, it's a pain.
Reply:if they are small bumps and contain almost a watery fluid then you have a case of eczema. go see a dermatologist so that he can treat it as fast as possible so that the rash do not spread further into your face.
Reply:It is possible that if you have started wearing a new pair of earrings or hair accessories that may be causing an allergic reaction.

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