Monday, August 23, 2010

Why does the skin on my feet peel off?

There are blister on my feet that dry up and peel off. It is sometimes itchy and look dry.

Why does the skin on my feet peel off?
try aloe, but you are still going to peel... you have a 2nd degree burn it will need time to heal.
Reply:No, it' not a burn, unless you actually did burn yourself. It's just dead skin. This happens to everyone at some point. Think about everything we put our feet through during the day. We do alot to them. Its just shedding the dead skin. Report It

Reply:Tried anythingfor athletes foot? Try some lamisil.
Reply:it could be the conditions your feet are exposed to in your daily life like inproper shoe ventilation or wteness but be safe consult a doctor not us iternet wakos
Reply:Make sure you have no open cuts or anything else. If you have a foot sized tub, use 1/2 cup of bleech in water to cover your feet %26amp; toes. If you have to use the bathtub, use 1 cup.

This is probably a fungus of some sort. I get them all the time in summer %26amp; they go away after I do this! I do it several times a year. As long as you have no open cuts or athlets foot open sores, you will be fine. It kills all fungus.
Reply:I would think that maybe you are part anaconda, and try Udder Balm, if you can not find it elsewhere, try your local Farm and Fleet or Tractor Supply Store.
Reply:My feet and palms used to do that when I was young. It gradually stopped.

I would suggest using Gold Bond powder in your shoes, and don't use anything with aloe in it, because it makes me peel when I use it.
Reply:I have the same problem, that just started a few months ago. I observed it in my older brother a few years ago, but never took much concern about it.

I have been trying to figure out what's the cause, and still doing the a quest about it.

May be it is related to the habit of putting on shoes and socks most of the time, that result into the feet sweating, with less aeration. Am not sure whether friction is related to it.

However i can not rule out the possibility of microbes interplay in the pealing of that skin around the feet (not on the top (pedis)) just on the sides and the sole.

I find myself scrapping off the dead skin but after a few weeks, the dead skin appears again.

let me know what you find out. thanks.
Reply:maybe it's just dead skin

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