Monday, August 23, 2010

Why does my skin turn red and itch when I excersice outside (when it's cold)?

I go running outside in the morning but then I have to stop because my legs get unbearably itchy. It happens when its cold.. its very annoying! Any helpful advice whould be very much appreciated, thank you.

Why does my skin turn red and itch when I excersice outside (when it's cold)?
I have the same thing happen, and I think some posters are misunderstanding the question. We're not concerned about why our skin get chronically (long-term) dry and chapped in the winter months--it's that when our skin is exposed to the cold, it gets red and tingly (which the OP describes as itchy).

My skin gets red in splotches, meaning that my whole arm isn't red, just some spots. The rest of the skin is whiter than normal. So, just because the blood goes toward the surface of the skin doesn't explain it. When I come in from the cold, any exposed skin will have big red blotches on it. After a few minutes, they will start to itch worse and then turn into almost welts, like what you'd get from an insect bite. A couple of times I've nearly gotten a case of hives on my legs (being out in shorts in, say, 45 degree weather) because of the itching. So, I'm wondering why this happens. Thanks.
Reply:OMG. me too!!!!!!!! my pe teacher said it was bcuz the blood is rushing to the skin from the movement or sumthin, so that makes it itchy, and then its red from the blood....weird. yes...i would suggest wearing those breathable sweatpants, theyre actually quite comfy! lol xoxo, caitlyn
Reply:Cold air cools your skin. It holds less moisture than warmer air. That's why in the summer you sweat. In cold air you skin moisture evaporates quicker, causing both redness and an itchy feeling.
Reply:Its the dry weather. It makes your skin dry and that makes your skin itch. Put a lot of lotion on and it will be fine
Reply:because the cold weather dries out your skin and it gets irritated. in the summer that usually doesnt happen because its hot and you sweat which moisturizes your skin but you dont sweat in winter so it makes it dry and happens to most people. good luck!
Reply:its cuz of frostbite you are developing. You body strts to feel woody and hard and itches that is frostbite


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