Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Skin rashes?

For those of you with a mild case of eczema, what kind of cream do you use (besides Benadryl and Hydrocortisone). It seems I get red itchy rashes on my feet because I sweat and air doesn't get in, so wearing socks makes it worse. Does this happen to you too?

I've been scratching so much that it's bleeding so wearing sandals isn't probably the best solution since the dirt will get in. Ugh.

Any advice?

Skin rashes?
I have Eczema as well. I use Aveeno for mild flare-ups and Elidel for the more severe ones. Maybe since it's on your feet it's more athletes foot. You could try some Lotrimin creams. Also put some baby powder or foot powder in your socks to help with the sweating. Hope this helps!
Reply:I use eucerin creams and aveeno outmeal washes
Reply:It sounds serious to me, I have suffered from discoid lupus for years and have had all kinds of skin problems, one thing I would advise is that until you have contacted a certified dermatologist I would keep out of the sun. This may help if you have discoid lupus which may be a sign of a more serious condition called systemetic lupus. In any case please do yourself a favour and go get help.
Reply:there is an amazing product called Pinxav that is a miracle product for rashes. They have a web site, check it out. You'll love this stuff. NBC's Today show is featuring it this friday for a segment on great summer products. Daily Candy is also writing about them this Friday.

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