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How to stop puppies from being so itchy and keep scratching themselves??

My JRT is 4 months old and vet says he's a sick dog. He's got low immunity and his cough is on and off. Not only that he has very bad skin problem and he scratch himself to the bones! He has a E-collar around him to stor him from biting himself but he's in agony because he cant stop the itch. Please help!!! =(

How to stop puppies from being so itchy and keep scratching themselves??
My dog's got e same problem on and off...

I think it can't be treated(mine hasn't recovered even after several trips to e vet and the same goes for my uncle's dog), but i've got a few tips to control it though.

Hope this helps for ur pup:

1)Change his diet. (Preferably holistic pet food(pellets), or jus plain boiled vegetables and meat)%26lt;-- Very Important!

2) Bathe him once or twice a week with medicated shampoo from the vet or pet shop (no fancy conditioner nor colognes pls!)

3) (Optional)Use anti-flea and tick powder after his bath.

4) Sterillize/ disinfect the areas in the house where it's frequented by ur pup.(Sleeping area etc.)

5) Keep him OFF the grass when ya bring him for walks.

(Lotsa ticks and fleas will get to him in the grass!)

6) Use bitter anti-itch ointments or sprays on his affected areas so he'll stop chewin on em.

Basically, jus keep him really clean most of the time!

(Maybe jus before his bath you can liven it up a bit for him like bringing him for a long walk etc.)
Reply:cut their legs off
Reply:I'm betting that this will do it%26gt; http://springtimeinc.com/product/88/2

read the 'letters'. They are genuine.

Until the supplement arives, you can give him a bath using Aveeno, or generic oatmeal bath. Just use tepid water, and leave the shampoo on for several mintues, and rinse very well.

to help him have a good night's sleep, you can feed him chamomile tea. Just dump it out of the teabag, and mix a teaspoon of the leaves in a *little* canned food, or soft meat. He will relax and it will ease the ithching enough for him to sleep.

This can be given as needed, as it is safe.
Reply:Go to Petco or Petsmart. There are topical sprays and ointments for itching. Also my vet recommended an Aveeno bath for my peke-a-poo when he was having skin problems.
Reply:Sorry to hear that....poor little guy...no idea if this will help, but I have had bad dandruff in the past, and after a good shampoo, rubbed lots of baby oil in my scalp and let it sink in for a few hours, then shampooed again and got rid of the dandruff. make sure he doesn't have fleas, and if he does, get a flea comb and remove the nasty critters as fast and thoroughly as you can, then give him a flea treatment with Advantage...about $12 per month...clip his nails so he doesn't scratch the skin surface which will only aggravate the situation....GOOD LUCK..


Vancouver, Canada
Reply:Puppies are like this. Since they're still small, they are naughty and like to play. Once they are getting older 1 year later, they won't act as naughty as now.
Reply:if you look were thy are itching and there might be bites or something brush them every night my dog has this but give them a bath and ask a pets store what shampoo to bath her in you might fill silly bathing your dog but it works

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