Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I have a weird skin thing!?

It is redish, spotty, not itchy, just reddish. It is just discoloration, and it is OBVIOUS I do NOT have access to a doctor, so do NOT tell me that. It is on the knuckles, and kinda pinkish. SLIGHTLY itchy, once i think about it.

do u know what is could be?

I have a weird skin thing!?
Actually, there are several good natural skin care methods you can use.
Reply:Dry skin, put some lotion on it!
Reply:Could be an allergic reaction to something. New soap or gloves? My wool coat makes my neck all red and blotchy, but not really itchy. Doesn't bother any other part of me either, just my neck. I have a "neck thing", maybe you have a "hand thing"...
Reply:your skin is too dry. it usually gets like that around the knuckles during cold weather. just keep putting lotion (anykind) a couple of times though out the day, you'll notice it less after 2 days.if you don't put lotion on it also tends to get cut and that hurts bad.
Reply:you're lucky it's just on the knuckles...try a moisturising lotion. If you smoke it may be an isolated dryness but to prevent spreading ensure that you are drinking a lot of water. I have a similar irritating dry patch on my forearms...luckily if i don't scratch it the discoloration doesn't become obvious...

as answered earlier it could be a reaction to leather gloves or other hand items...maybe a ring whose metal is creating the allergy too...
Reply:WE are NOT doctors here. If you have no access to a doctor (baloney) then you are out of luck.
Reply:maybe excema--use lots of unscented lotion on it (I use aquaphor on mine--available at your local pharmacy or supermarket. It's kind of greasy but if you rub it in really well it will absorb).

Good Luck! :)

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