Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Back of my head is dry, itchy and flakey?

When I scratch it, it seems like skin flakes off...it's not dandruff I don't think...when I scratch it, it feels kinda like when you pick at a scab and the scab comes off...I've used head and shoulders, selsen blue, and others and no luck

Back of my head is dry, itchy and flakey?
Sounds like it's Eczema, It's possible to only have it in one specific area.

The scab feeling could be from all the scratching you've been doing on your head, which caused small cuts on your head.

Try finding a moisturizing shampoo or one specifically for a dry scalp, maybe even for sensitive skin. If you see no results in usually a week or two, try consulting a dermatologist just in case it's something else.

Hope that helped, Good luck.

Reply:See your doctor about that one!
Reply:i would recommend you talk to your doctor.

when you use the head and shoulders do you let it sit for a few minutes? i work for a doctor and he usually suggests leaving it on for about 10 minutes, so you might want to take a bath and read a magazine or something while you leave it on your head. good luck to you!!!

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