Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Chronic itching - my daughter has had chronic itchy legs for years.?

We have tried every moisturiser, bath treatment, creams, cortisones, antihistamines, vitamins to no avail. Anyone know how to fix. by the way unlike dry skin conditions, hers improves in winter.

Chronic itching - my daughter has had chronic itchy legs for years.?
go to a doctor
Reply:go to nearest homeopath he can cure it
Reply:i'm not a doctor, but i play one on yahoo answers
Reply:have no idea sorry, but justfeltlike teliing youthat have no idea, i don't like having no idea but i know that I have no idea at the present moment....co robic? nie wiem- nie dorbze
Reply:Yep, go to the doctor but stop using all those treatments, oils, creams etc.
Reply:You should go to an allergy specialist. She may be allergic to some grass or other plant that grows in the warmer months. Does she roll around in the grass with bare legs? It may just be from playing out in the grass.
Reply:only solution for avoiiding it is after applying creams don't scrab

it with ur finger.Better keep advice of a good doctor
Reply:Sounds like she has eczema. Not sure what modern medicine does to treat it, but my dad cured a particularly bad case a few years ago. I can't say how he did it, but I can say that it wasn't pleasant and involved about two months without bathing (during the curing process).
Reply:I'd like to know more detail in order to suggest a solution but I am certain a treatment is obtainable... you can email me at cdcsocal@yahoo.com... once you've done that we can quickly work together to find the cause and address it... I am not a doctor but have helped people to heal and treat there conditions before and I feel I can help you daughter find relief. patients and persistence and all will be well - love
Reply:She may be allergic to detergent....I am, and every time I wash my clothes in something other than Ivory Snow I break out.

And the reason it improves in winter (as mine does) is because you don't sweat as much in winter, and sweat mixes with the detergent residue and makes it worse.
Reply:It sound like she has a nerve problem, might need a neurological doctor.
Reply:see a doctor this could be a nerve condition....
Reply:i have suffered with some kind of weird skin allergy which also gets very bad when wet. i went to every specialist in the country, and even tried alternative medicine for a while. the only thing which helped for a time was reflexology :). i have recently started iron supplements, which the dermatologist suggested. i have heard that people with low iron tend to have itchy skin - it might be worth checking her iron levels. short of that, i have nothing to offer aside from sympathy....
Reply:Have you tried an oatmeal bath. That might work but I say you should see a doctor.

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