Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Is it normal to have a really itchy belly during pregnancy in the last month?

could it be from skin tightening and stretching?

Is it normal to have a really itchy belly during pregnancy in the last month?
Yep that's what your skin does when it's getting stretched. Keep it moisturized. It helps.
Reply:I had the itching from 4 months. Just drink lots of water and keep moisturized. Try not to take super hot showers (not good for your blood pressure anyway), and use baby oil while you're still wet. Then moisturize again with additional cream. It may only be a temporary fix, but the itching will stop once the baby comes out! :)
Reply:yes it means your skin is stretching do not scratch it or you well get stretch marks my advice to you is to go get a really good moisturizer and apply 3x a day-morning,afternoon,and at night.
Reply:OMGosh YES!!!! LOL a little too enthusiastic, but YES!!! all i can say is don't itch it!! It is caused by the gapid growth of the baby. everytime you itch that dry tight skin, you could and may cause a stretch mark. You can use vaseline, vitamine E, or it's stuff called belly balm from motherhood maternity. I used to work at MM when i was pregnant with my son. I used that stuff all the time..it was like instant relief.
Reply:try lots of body lotion it helps with stretch marks too
Reply:SO NORMAL.....I am havign the same problem. I actualy put some Calamine Lotion on it....it may nto take it away but it just kind of eases my mind, so i dont scratch ro notice it as much. Just a CRAZY idea!!!!! :)
Reply:yes it is normal, dont scratch as it can cause stretch marks, rub some cocoa butter to soothe the itching.
Reply:it is normal for you to get itchy skin, try to avoid scratching though cause you will break blood cells under your skin cause the surface it taught. it is caused from all the changes going on yes. when i was prego it felt like someone put itching powder on my belly.
Reply:Skin tightening and stretching are the most likely answers...Palmers lotion co. makes a product you can rub on your belly to help avoid stretch marks. There is a rare condition called pregnancy urticaria which would require treatment but, it would be unlikely you have it this late in your pg.

Best of luck to you. Blessed be, Lady Gaia
Reply:Stretching will definitely cause itching. Pregnancy also has a way of super sizing your senses like smell and touch (certain materials irritated my skin). Finally, babies can upset your chemical balance. My skin is particularly dry these days and yet my face has broken out worse than when I was in a teenager. My advice is moisturize, moisturize, moisturize.
Reply:YUP! very normal and try cocoa butter, or I think Palmer's lotion, and Vitamin E capsules, split them open and rub the oil on to your skin, and sigh happily!

You and baby will soon look eye to eye, what a JOY! GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Reply:thats exactly what its from! your skin is stretching and when its tighter, somthing to do with the cells makes it itch. try cocoa butter, its creamy and takes away the itch, and also helps reduce the appearance of stretch marks! good luck and God bless.... the end is near!

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