Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Why does it feels irritated or itchy when we apply aloe vera on the face.?

my friend tried it to soften her skin.but lucky for her the irritation went off after sometime.is this normal?please answer if you know.thank you.

Why does it feels irritated or itchy when we apply aloe vera on the face.?
Don't know simi. I used facial tissues that had aloe vera on them for blowing my nose when I had a cold. Finally figured they were irritating the heck out of me. Must be the aloe vera??
Reply:maybe your friend is allergic to it
Reply:Because you are allergic to it!
Reply:Not everyone can use all products whether natural or not. I would hesitate to use it again. when trying a new product just use a tiny cotton swab and put a dab inside your elbow. Wait 24 hours. If there is no bad reaction you may be able to use the product.


Reply:umm...i think you maybe allergic because it never happend to me and i use it every other day :)
Reply:Sounds like an allergic reaction
Reply:U r allergic to it.
Reply:Why to apply .
Reply:Simi, i would love to answer your question. However, please get a valid education from the United States and begin to speak proper English using appropriate grammar. If you are in our country I might suggest the Derek Zoolander School for Kids Who Can't Read Good and Do Other Stuff Good Too. Simply amazing!
Reply:You may have very sensitive skin. Watch what you put on your face.and skin. Just because someone else used it does mean it's okay 4 u.Just try warm water for a while until the itching goes away.
Reply:check the doctor she could be allergic to it.

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