Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Skin Reaction?

So I went to get a facial yesterday. I've been to the place before, but I upgraded my treatment so it included some extra corrective stuff for my face. Something in the new treatment must not have worked for my face. Now it's all dry and itchy. When I put on makeup, or put on my moisturizer at night it burns so bad. There was also some redness on my cheeks under my eyes this morning, I think it was from that. My question is what should I do about this?

Skin Reaction?
I would call the place where you got the facial tell them what has happened and ask if they can determine based on what you had yesterday and compared to what you've had before what might have caused this reaction. Then perhaps they'll be able to recommend something to help it. If you're in pain try taking a mild OTC pain reliever. It's probably best not to put to many products on your face until this clear up as they might just keep irritating the skin more.
Reply:my guess is that they used benzoyl peroxide.. it often dries out and burns the face.. it did mine when i used pro active and it's the main ingredient in that..

moisturize your face and avoid exfoliating until the redness goes away..

and call the place where you got it done and ask what they used so that you know what to avoid..
Reply:You definitely need to contact your skincare specialist to find out what type of treatment was done and if there was any protocols you should have followed afterwards. Stop using anything with AHA, retinol, salicylic or benzol until you find out what was done.

As a Skincare Specialist myself, I make sure my client understands what treatment we will be doing before I start into anything. It's the right thing to do. Good luck.

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