Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What can I do for an itchy belly?

I am 38 weeks pregnant and my skin isn't stretching any more and it seems that now my tummy itches like the "High Heavens"...i've been told not to scratch what can i do before i go nuts.

What can I do for an itchy belly?
I found some lotion that wasn't to heavily scented and stuck it in the fridge. Was nice and cool and distracted me from itching. Cortizone cream helps if you have a rash, and it won't hurt the baby. You could try baby oil too, or some kind of oil with lots of Vitamin E. If you know an Avon lady, buy some Skin So Soft body oil spray... it is wonderful and cheap.
Reply:try to rub it over your t-shirt and that's it. You'll have the baby pretty soon so you'll be fine, you cannot do anything but wait
Reply:you can get some cream for it like ask your dotcor if he can give u somthing for it

Any lotion.

I just loved the cool lotion on my belly.

Calamine would help with the itch. I used shea/cocoa better for the longest time. But, I really can't stand the smell. And, it seems that every time I'm pregnant my nose goes into super sensative mode.

Find your favorite smell. And, the thick ones make the benefit last longer. Bath and Body has some great thick body lotions. Plus they smell great!!

I kept mine on the tile of the tub. It seemed like it stayed cooler from the tile. Or, close to a window. The coolness is really calming.
Reply:Get itching cream.
Reply:honestly my belly was unbeliveably itchy nothing worked and it kept me up at night...i found that nutragina body oil was my besttttt friend....i just used it when i got out of the shower and omg it was a god send...you can find it in the beauty isle and its only like 6 bucks...good luck
Reply:I agree with suggir- LOTION, and lots of it...

DO NOT SCRATCH- it will just make it worse
Reply:You should buy this shae butter strecmarck cream it help pervent sterch marks n should make the itching stop best of to you
Reply:Dont scratch it. Put cream on your belly or lotion and run instead of scratch.
Reply:I feel for you. I have a 7 wk old and right before I had her I could honestly sit and scratch my belly for hours. My marks actually started to bleed. Get Palmers Tummy Butter, it comes in a little container with a screw off lid. It feels like wax but just dig some out and rub it all over your belly. Its about 6 dollars. Do that in the morning after a shower then, I agree, get Bath and Body Works Cream Lotion in the Shea Butter, and CARRY it with you and use whenever your belly starts to itch. It will be over soon, I promise.
Reply:Cocoa Butter Lotion, slather it on.... do not, do not scratch, I made this mistake and will never comfortably wear a bikini in public ever again, due to the stretch marks that I caused scratching.... Lotion and maybe wet wash cloths, that always helps itches, moisture.
Reply:the best thing is palmers cocoa butter lotion or oil..it works wonders..im 15 weeks pregnant and my belly itches now like crazy because its stretches...but try it ..it will help..good luck.
Reply:I had that problem after I gave birth, not before. my doctor told that stretch marks get pretty sensitive so it doesn't take much to irritate them. I tried all kinds of things to make it stop. I finally went to the doctor and she said it was normal but she prescribed something to relieve the itch and an anitbiotic just in case. Try hydrocortisone cream. Works wonders.
Reply:try putting lotion on it. thats what i do and it really helps. im almost 40 weeks.
Reply:ive found that lotion works wonders for the itching belly =) good luck hang in there!
Reply:I personally scratched. But any lotion will do...I like using Eucerin cream for my eczema, it also worked with my pregnancy with my youngest (my oldest son had eczema so I had some on hand). Baby lotion also worked. Also try some Aloe Vera cream?? Pretty much any non-drying lotion will work. Also remember that this is a "drying" time of year also. Your skin may still be stretching...remember lotion or anything else doesn't prevent stretchmarks, just the heredity on how elastic your skin is. Happy scratching!!!


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