Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My Red Nose Pit Bull has been itchy since he was 2 months old?

I have a red nose pit that is 15 months now and he has been itching forever! I have done everything! First the vet thought it was food allergies and I put him on duck and potato for awhile but that did not help! Now the vet switched him to prescript. diet ultra allergen z/d. He has been on this for 5 months but it doesnt seem to help. I have had him on prescribed antihistmines and that hasn't helped. He has gotten 6 skin scrapes all were negative. I have bathed him oatmeal baths and Epi-Soothe shampoos, and creams. He has gotten a mitaban dip. the dermatologist gave him atopic along with spray for his hot spots. NOTHING HAS HELPED! The only thing that helps is steriods but I do not want to keep him on them. I am waiting to get blood work done for his allergies but I have to wait till the predisone is out of his system. I give him benadryl just to knock him out because he keeps me up at night! He itches around the eyes, neck, armpits, hind legs, and paws! Please someone help my baby!!!!

My Red Nose Pit Bull has been itchy since he was 2 months old?
You're quite sure it isn't Mange? You said he's had negative scrapings but also said he's been Mitaban dipped... Don't know. Maybe it's environmental? Something. Sorry I am of no help.
Reply:Has your vet ever considered that it could be scabies? Scabies is INCREDIBLY itchy to the dog, and is often really hard to find on skin scrapes. If nothing else is helping why not as him about just possibly treating the dog for scabies. I've seen quite a few extremely itchy dogs with negative skin scrapes who are empirically treated for scabies and the itching decreases greatly or completely stops. Good luck whatever you decide to do.
Reply:Sounds like allergies to me. Try some different foods, it often takes four or five tries until a perfect match is found. Royal cannin makes tones of different varieties which you should look into.

Other possibilities: Grass allergies, yeast issues?

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