Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Skin problem?

for over a year now my forehead has been itchy, sometimes severly, it can get red from scratching and sometimes little bumps come up that itch as well, and it often flakes when i scratch it especially after i get outta the shower and i dry it off, anyone have a reasonable explanation for all this

Skin problem?
That sounds like hormones messing with your skin if you ask me. You havent specified if youre male or female....but sometimes, because of stress, extra hormones are triggered off in the body causing these itchy pimples. I had these aswell plus the flaky skin. You should go to the doctor and get some medication to clear it up.

Remember not to overload your face with products, this will make the problem worse.

Hope it clears up soon!
Reply:Dry skin, maybe. That happened to me one summer. I got some Vaseline Dry Skin Intensive Care and it's been better since.
Reply:It sounds like psoriasis and it's easily treated with medication from any drug store.
Reply:Get some Johnson's Baby Oil works on a baby hence it works on you too, (not that you are a baby just works well with adults)
Reply:You need a medical advise but i can tell you my son had the same probleme,the dermatologist tested him and he has an allergy from soap and shampoo,also on some fruits like peach and strawberry,he was on ELOCON cream for a whole year twice a day and aqua soap for the last 5 years .i used for him johnson baby shampoo for his hair and he improved at least he stopped itching and no more flakes on his shirt.i think you should seek a dermatologist .
Reply:It is quite possibly psoriasis. Which can be made worse by changes in heat, stress, cosmetics etc. You should go to a doctor to get it checked out properly.
Reply:try olive oil. seriously


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