Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Why are my dog's paws so itchy?

she keeps licking them. she licks the pads and gets her tongue in between her toes. i have checked and checked and have seen nothing in there, but the skin next to the pads and in between her toes is red, maybe from all the licking. we took her for a walk last night, i started noticing it later when we came home. i can't get a vet appointment till later. any ideas what it could be? any previous experience with something like this?

Why are my dog's paws so itchy?
It could be a number of things.

It could be something she has been walking on or in.

It could be allergies. (some dogs are allergic to grass)

She could just be neurotic.

It could be a fox tail.
Reply:dry %26amp; eratated
Reply:there could have been a chemical on the sidewalk that caused a minor reaction. like a pesticide or such. get a vet appointment as soon as you can!
Reply:could possibly be because they are dry, the hot weather has alot to do with it, try rubbing lotion on the pads of her feet, i use udder butter on my dogs

Reply:bad news im afraid. this sounds like an allergy. this is exactly what my dog was doing. he was licking and chewing his feet constantly and he even took all the hair off from between his toes. i took him to the vet and he has (eventually) been diagnosed with an allergy to dust. he is currently on chinese hebs to help control the allergy and they seem to be helping. i would def get your dog along to the vet and get him checked as the sooner these things are found out the better.

allergies usually present themselves when the dog is still fairly young (usually before they turn 2) and can be managable.

good luck and start saving cos if it is an allergy then treatment is not cheap. trust me!
Reply:My dog had that problem, he was allergic to wet grass. Also what type of dog is it. My dog is an Australian Shepherd, the vet said b/c they are a smart breed they can become obsessive, so once they start licking their feet they don't stop.

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