Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Skin numb after surgery?

i had a ganglion removed 2 weeks ago from wrist, i have a numb sensation on top of hand but it also stings, goes all the way to scar site, is this normal? it gets itchy but can't feel it when i scratch so doesn't cure the itch

Skin numb after surgery?
Some of the superficial cutaneous nerves have inevitably been cut through. Sensation recovery may not be complete, you will need to wait weeks of months to find out.
Reply:It will be scar tissue under the skin. Massage it with baby lotion every day and you should regain the feeling.
Reply:Normal. If it's still there in the future (months) then ask about it.
Reply:Its very normal!!!! I had 2 c-sections and the scar is numb and feels gross!!!
Reply:Some nerve damage or trauma is common during surgery. Feeling usually comes back eventually, could take weeks or months to return to complete normal. Taking Vitamin B6 can help hasten the nerve regeneration.
Reply:Ask the doctor when you go for your check-up.Forums are not the best place for medical advice,honest.
Reply:Having had my fair share of surgery there might be a few people out there that would know the expression Itches on the inside and cant get at it My wife says her Cesarean scar is like that I know just what she means Anybody else
Reply:scars are normally numb, particularly first of all as the nerves have been cut, usually feeling will come back but maybe not 100% i still have a patch on my tongue with no feeling 20 years after having wisdom teeth out where nerves were cut. mention to doc or nurse when u have a follow up appt to check all ok

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