Saturday, July 24, 2010

Dry skin please help really gettin' me down :(?

I have just recoverd from a rash which i reccon was slapped cheek. The doctor didn't know what it was and gave me antibiotics to take to help clear it up. It cleared up on Friday and is now really itchy and dry. Its all flaking off. He gave me some aqueous cream to have and i have literally pasted it on and its still dry and itchy and sore and erugh!!

Any suggestions?

Dry skin please help really gettin' me down :(?
how about some almond oil/moisturising lotion
Reply:i get really bad dried skin and the only thing that sorts it out is the good old OIL OF ULAY. my mrs goes mad at me nicking her make up........specially her lipstick.....joke.
Reply:i am afraid you will just have to wait untill it clears up on its own as if the aqueous cream dnt wrk thn i dnt think ne thin will.
Reply:you could try a very gentle facial scrub to remove some of the dead skin - then try breaking a vitamin E capsule and putting the neat oil on it. The aqueous cream WILL eventually do the job though.
Reply:Don't scratch, try apply virgin coconut oil (VCO). Drink plenty of water, and don't exposed it to sun light.
Reply:the aqueous cream is one of the better creams out there, but you only need to use a little ammout. the skin will need tie to heal.
Reply:Oh dear try e 45
Reply:The Italians swear by Olive oil; Sophia Loren the film star, always added a couple of tablespoons to her bath water.

I use it on my cuticles and it keeps them looking good even though I'm a gardener who refuses to wear gloves.

Its cheap, readily available and worth a try before spending a fortune on manufactured skin products.

If you find it doesn't work, you've lost nothing and can then try the many moisturisers on the market.

Just a side comment - I didn't get stretch marks from pregnancies - just rubbed olive oil into my tum every night.
Reply:i have very dry skin on my face, in certain areas.

i am at present using the aqueous cream to help that, what i suggest is that you do not use any soap on your face and just was water, the aqueous cream will wash your face like the soap. i then reapply the cream for the day.

at night i wash my face and put the cream on thicker than the day.

you also have got to remember that dry skin can take a few weeks to clear up.

however, suggest you go and see the doctor again, just make sure that treatment is working.
Reply:recommand Namyang Aloe's Hydrocapture mask !!

Intensive hydration mask provides moisture in a short period of time, especially effective to dry skin caused by external factors such as air conditioning or heating.

One whole bottle in one sheet mask gives the skin intensive treatment of hydration.

Moisture is captured like a magnet by Univera’s unique technology Hydro Capturing Complex. Leaves even the driest skin supple and comfortable.

[Direction] 1-2 times a week, use after Balancing Toner. Place mask to fit face. Leave on face for 10-15 minutes until essence is sufficiently absorbed.

Recommended for

- If you feel dry and skin pulling after face wash

- If your skin or part of your face pulls or feels brittle at the change of weather

- If your skin feels dry more than before

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