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Really itchy dog?

My 2 1/2 yr old female chihuahua mix was spayed about 2 1/2 weeks ago. She's due to have her e-collar off by now but we haven't because she won't stop scratching and biting herself. We've already taken her to a vet and they gave some anti-itch shampoo but that doesn't seem to help. When we 1st noticed this (last week) she would scratch/bite herself until she bled. After shampooing her w/the medicated shampoo, today she still bites herself (although she hasn't started bleeding...yet) She's literally biting herself into exhaustion (she'll start panting afterwards and then keep going) so now I don't know what to do. Because when we were at the vet they said her skin looked perfectly fine and that there was no sign of infections. She doesn't have any fleas or ticks.

Please please please help us out

Really itchy dog?
Many people switch to a raw diet because of skin issues in their pets. It may be that a combination of anaesthetic, vaccinations and the ingredients in the food have caused an overload in your dog's immune system.

Try to eliminate all of the inappropriate ingredients in the dog's diet and see if that makes an improvement. This means NO grains, vegetables, dairy, artificial additives, preservatives and colourings, and no cooked food. Feed her raw chicken including bones for one month and see if this improves the problems. I would suggest taking a photo of her teeth before you start so that you can see the massive improvement here too After about 4 weeks add another protein source and some offal. Only introduce one new food at a time and wait a week before adding another.

I hope the links help.

** The proteins in RAW meat rarely cause allergy or food intolerance problems. I know of many dogs that cannot eat cooked meat or kibble but happily chow down on raw meat, bones and offal with no problems.
Reply:I always go to nutrition first with itching issues as it is almost always the culprit. What are you feeding her? Corn is a very common allergen for dogs and the most common ingredient in dog food. You can also try adding some fish oil to her diet. It works wonders for my dogs. I'm not sure how much to tell you to give such a small dog, but your vet or one of his assistants should be able to tell you over the phone.
Reply:maybe there is something that happened inside when she got spayed. so she is willing to eat through the skin just to get to the annoying itch/burn
Reply:was she scratching at all before??

has her food been changed??

the most common cause of scratching (other than fleas or lice) is FOOD ALLERGIES

check your food and eliminate the problem allergins - beef, pork, wheat, corn, soy, and mystery meat = animal fat, or meat meal.. (could be ANY dead animal)

give your dog some mental stimulation to keep its mind occuped and off scratching..
Reply:Good for you on being a responsible pet owner! Anyways they may want to give you a dosage for over the counter benadryl, that can help. They also have stronger antihistamines you could try as well. They also have sprays that help if it's just an area that your dog is biting. And they give hydrocortisone cream to pets, but I have never seen it prescribed.

Finally they give prescription food and treats that are allergen free.
Reply:Take a look at what you are feeding her. I am not a vet but I hear about this sort of thing all the time. Corn, wheat, soy, dairy, chicken and beef are VERY common food allergies. She may do well on an allergy food. If you go through the vet for one of these, you will spend an arm and a leg. Natural Balance make 4 formulas especially for dogs with food allergies. Potato and Duck, Sweet Potato and Fish, Sweet Potato and Venison and Vegitarian. The most popular is the Potato and Duck. Give it a try for a while with no treats only the food. It should clear up within a couple weeks to a couple months if it is a food allergy. It will take some time on the food to clean out her system. This food can be found at any Petco! Good Luck!!!

Your Dog may have a allergy to the food you are giving her. I suggest trying one without wheat. Lots of dogs are allergic to wheat. They behave in the manner described. I am Surprised your Vet did not say anything about it.
Reply:My little terrier has issues with itching and she has allergies. She goes to the dermatologist on and off and we have found the thing that helps the most is bathing her. You can try her medicated shampoo or get an oatmeal based shampoo but the trick is to let the soapy lather sit on her for a while (like at least 5 to 10 min.) Also they make spray for hot spots, the places where she is literally going bald from itching. Good luck.

You could also put some little clothes on her so she cant get at her skin, mine has a tight little yellow suit she wears when it gets really bad.
Reply:if she has round scabs from it she may have ring worm and get that checked out
Reply:You may have answered your own question. This itching may be caused by an allergy to one or more of the medications used for the surgery. If she was vaccinated before it is not as likely the vaccines would make her itch but it could happen. I don't know about the microchip. It seems that it would be a lesser chance. Ask the vet if he has any other medications for itching that are void of any ingredients that were used for the spaying and vaccines. If she is not better in a month you may need to see a vet who specializes in allergies. Good luck.

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