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Very Itchy dog??

My Bf's parents have a Puggle (half pug, half beagle).

He has a REALLY bad time itching. They've bathed him gotten rid of his fleas.... I'm thinking it could be allergies, possibly to the flea shampoo. He's got a bad rash on the tender skin of his belly from chewing, bald spots on his back from running under the bed standing up as high as he can and using the frame to scratch his back.... hes always itching, biting, scratching, etc.

They don't have the money to take him to the vet to get tested for allergies if its not allergies. I've suggested to them a new shampoo without the flea protection... what else can we do to help? We thought it was just a "i;m bored" type thing, but he;ll stop in the middle of playing to itch, and even a bitter deterent won't get him to stop.. thats the reason he's starting to use the couch so he doesn't taste it..

Can we give him benedryl? any suggestions for a good shampoo? and if it IS that, how can we treat for fleas without the advantage and shampoo

Very Itchy dog??
Pugs often have allergies. If it were my dog I would try benedryl. And hydrocortisone for a rash. And I would keep Frontline on him. You can usually buy it one tube at a time from any vet, otc, and it runs about fifteen dollars a tube.
Reply:try frontline for the fleas and i have heard of people giving benadryl for itching but call a vet and ask they wont charge ya for that

good luck
Reply:use frontline, its the best flea protection for animals around, and doesnt include time consuming bathing...
Reply:the problem with flea shampoos is they only kill the fleas on the dog at the time of the shampoo. once the dog is dry and returns to the environement the fleas that are there waiting will jump on the dog. so he probably still has fleas. you need to go to the vet and buy either frontline or advantage. these 2 products are the best for killing fleas. they work for 30 days and you will see an improvement usually within 48 hours. but it all depends on how bad the infestation is in the environement. benedryl should not ever be given unless directed by the vet. they will know if it will even work for what's causing the itch. you need to take the dog into the vet. a simple exam cost is much cheaper than buying several different shampoos and over the counter treatments. it may simply be fleas, it could be mange, skin infection, allergies, etc...only a vet can give you the answer and help stop the itching. plus dogs do not scratch just out of boredom, the poor little thing must be miserable and a simple vet visit is what's going to help.
Reply:I'd also reccomend using frontline. The shampoos don't work to well and are more irritating to the skin.

Try slowly changing his food over to something without wheat in it, and a new protein source he hasn't had-like a fish based food, or venison or even lamb. Food allergies can occur, and often times its to wheat or the protein source.

You can give him benedryl, but call the vet for dosage instructions.
Reply:You may want to try a lotion, yes, one that you would use. It may be that he just has sensitive skin and the flea treatment has irritated his skin. My Yorkie is the same. She gets sore spots once in a while and will chew on them constantly. No fleas though. I use Neosporin or a good lotion and it will go away in about a day or so. Good luck!
Reply:my sister gave her dog 1/2 plain bendryl

but it was not giving her any relief - every dog I have had has had allergies - the vets have never tested for specifics - the dog usually get a shot of cortisone - some pills to take - she was also given a shampoo -- she seems happier this morning than she was yesterday -- also is his skin dry?

if you have a pet smart or petco they have so me good shampoos
Reply:It probably is still fleas, because flea shampoo does not work. It is not a preventative. You need to get a proper flea treatment from a vets - you don't have to take the dog in to pick up Frontline. Wait 48 hours after bathing before applying it or it won't work.

Stop bathing the dog so often, it will dry out his skin and make it more itchy. Stick to Frontline for flea treatment - make sure it gets on the dog's skin, not his fur.


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