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My dog has itchy ears, could it be from Simplicef?

My chihuahua has been on antibiotics (Simplicef) for a few days now just for a minor skin rash which looks to be totally gone but his Rx hasn't finished yet. Now he's itching his ears quite a bit and shaking his head a lot, I checked his ears out and I don't see any mites or sores at all but there is a little "crusty" stuff on them. I'm wondering if this could be a reaction to his medication? Should I let him finish the antibiotics or just stop them and take a trip back to the vet ASAP? He doesnt have any other symptoms and seems totally fine other than the problem with his ears, so I have no idea what this is from or if its from his medication at all. If any of you have had this problem with your dog (especially if s/he was on Simplicef) please I appreciate any feedback. Thanks

My dog has itchy ears, could it be from Simplicef?
my dog was having the same affect with simplicef in quit giving my dog the meds for good

cost alot of money $120.00 for 100 tabets

Animal safety studies: well tolerated at up to 40x normal daily oral dose.

In animal safety studies, SIMPLICEF (cefpodoxime proxetil) was well tolerated at up to 40x the normal daily oral dose for 13 weeks in adult dogs and 28 days in puppies (18-23 days of age).

Safety has been demonstrated in dogs for up to six months of daily therapy.

but after all that we fianly found out from the second trip to the vet he had mites real bad in was bleeding from his ear cause of the infection in well we got it taken care of now rusty does not itch are scratch his ears any more
Reply:Maybe it's from Simplicef. Consult a vet tech. Or you can just treat your dog with GOOD food. If that doesn't work, really consult to a vet.
Reply:It could be ear infections. I know that he is on antibiotics, but some of them only work for certain things just like human meds. My Doberman had a few of them and he would still keep getting them if i didn't clean them all the time. I took him to the vet and he showed me how to clean them and gave me stuff to do it with and said to figure out how often i have to do it. It took a while to figure out how often he needed them cleaned i started every week and then i moved to every 1 1/2 weeks and so on, but now i know that it is around every 3 weeks. I could probably do it once a month, but then he may end up with another ear infection and i don't want to take that chance. I would take him to a vet just to make sure. If it does turn out to be just an ear infection it may not sound serious, but you know how you fill when you have an ear infection.

edit: I forgot to say what my dog does when he gets them. He scratches at his ear or ears depending on if it went to both ears. Then he would shake his head often. It smells really bad so you can check to see if it smells. The vet showed me that. Also sometimes you can see the wax (dark brown almost black) on the inside of his ear. He also dug at it so much (at night when i was sleeping) that he had scabs on the inside of his ear. Their ears get really itchy when they get ear infections.
Reply:The symptoms u describe certainly sound like ear mites, he may need ear medication (drops or ointment) check with ur vet. Do not use OTC medications unless ok`d by the vet. as those can further his skin irritations.
Reply:That's possible. He may have an ear infection too. It could be a yeast infection in his ears. Antibiotics can cause yeast infections in animals, just like they can in humans. I know this sounds silly, but it's true. My dog has gotten a yeast infection in his ears before. You need to take him to the vet and get medication to take care of the infection.
Reply:Look up Simplicef on the web and see the side affects, if you cannot find them give your vet a call, no need to pay an office visit for a possible side effect.

Actually this is a good chance to test out your vet and find their priorities and knowledge. Look it up and with the knowledge in hand call them.

But don't stop the Rx, finish it, check it out first and only stop it on your vets order.

Personally I don't think Simpliicf has any terminal side effects

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