Friday, July 23, 2010

I have a group of very itchy bumps on the back of BOTH of my calves for 5 months, what is this ?

the bumps seem to be where my hair folicle resides and the bumps arent red until i scratch, they are the color of my skin. Also it seems to spread a little to my schin and arround my leg. the bumps are only visible and feelable when i scratch unless i rub really hard accross them then i can feel them under my skin. Its not a plant or allergic reaction so i dont know how to treat it.... i put so lotrimin ultra to check and see if it was a fungus but to no avail....also some cortizone cream and that only made it burn...some help??? i am also on antibiotic penacillin and a joint medication consisting of chondroitin and glucosimine if that means nething...some help???!!! P.S. i am 17 years old with no prior health concerns or problems

I have a group of very itchy bumps on the back of BOTH of my calves for 5 months, what is this ?
It could be exzema. I had it on the bottom of my foot, and they thought it was a foot fungus, then it spread to the palm of my hand, and never got better with antifungal creams, they even had me on Lamasil. I finally got sick of nothing helping and went to the Dermatologist, that's when I found out it was exzema. He gave me some great stuff that got rid of it in a matter of days.

How long have you been on the penicillin? I developed an allergy to it after having been on it for a prolonged period of time. It started out as a rash on my hands that itched.
Reply:it might be irritation from shaving
Reply:It sounds like heat rash, behind your knees tend to get sweaty and if you spend a lot of time sitting or with your legs crossed it can get iritated easily. Try using a drying powder like a foot powder. It will help dry out the area and relive the itch.

The only way to be absolutly sure about what it is, is to go to a dermatologist.

Good luck, I hope this helped.
Reply:Possibly irritation from shaving, perhaps a sweat rash, heat rash.. Go to your doctor for guidance.
Reply:u seem to have dermatitis or just some very dry skin aggravated by soap ,lotion or detergent. u may want to try something medicated to put on it if its red and itching. I know something that helps with dry and irritated skin. email back if interested

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