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Pregnant and really itchy all over my body....?

when i was 8 i notice I had really sensitive skin, I couldn't go outside in the hot sun, sweat or be around dirt or grass, and when i did I would scrach until I bleeded...and then it went away when i turn 15, now im 18 and pregnant and Im getting it on my thights and legs and its looking really bad, and even using a really good moisturizer soap and lotion isn't helping at all..what should i do??? help

Pregnant and really itchy all over my body....?
This answer is also for those answering this question that are also itching with out a rash.

Cholestasis of Pregnancy

The only rash like symptom you may have is whrere you have scracthed so much that you make your skin bleed.


itching during pregnancy especially in the 3rd trimester There is a risk to your baby.

Still Birth If delivered later than 37 weeks

Please visit and READ Information at


Search the web for Cholestasis of Pregnancy

Itching can be more dangerous than you think during pregnancy.


Not all doctors a familiar with Obstetric Cholestasis.

Go straight to your DR and ask about Cholestasis of Pregnancy.

It is to do with your liver and pregnancy hormones.

I have had this with 3 of my 4 pregnancies.

All it is, is a simple itch that will drive you crazy that is the only symptom.

Ask to have your BILE SALTS tested this is the only test that will diagnose OC,

Argue with your Dr if you have to, it is worth it.

Liver fuction tests and blood counts DO NOT diagnose OC the only can help the diagnoses in conjunction with Bile salt tests .

An itch doesn't seem much but it can be FATAL to your baby if it goes undiagnosed.

The itching can be any where I had it on my legs and arms at first.

I don't want to scare you but please realise this is very important
Reply:It could be a pupps rash. Its from being pregnant. Ask the doctor to look at it, I had it when I was pregnant and had to take benedryl for it. They were itchy tiny red bumps all over my stomach and thighs.
Reply:You should go to the dermatologist first!! but if your belly itches you should use cocoa butter that's amazing for itchy skin!!
Reply:Try cocoa butter lotion it is supposed to be good for itchy's and even stretch marks.Good luck.
Reply:^^ yes, cocoa butter is best, i use it and it works wonders. if your itching problems persist, try asking your doctor about it. its probably more than just skin stretching. you may also wanna try to stay away with any other lotion/moisturizer heavy on perfume.
Reply:I am just like you, I've had rashes since i was just a baby. My skin is VERY sensitive. I've always had eczema and early in my pregnancy, my rashes got a lot worse than usual. They were ALL over my body, usually i just get them in my joints. I was using lotion, and a lil bit of hydrocortisone, but it didnt work. I went to the doctors, and they confirmed it was eczema, and prescribed me and ointment. I used it and less than 2 weeks, the rashes were completely gone.

Go to your doctor, they will know what to prescribe you. And it's safe for the baby too. I left the ointment at home, otherwise i'd tell you what it was called.
Reply:I would see a doctor about it because it could be signs of something more serious. That can be a symptom of some serious pregnancy conditions. And besides even if it isnt serious they could give you something or recommend something to get rid of the itching.
Reply:dont panic when your pregnant you can get a rash that will drive you crazy but will go after the bubs is born. always go to the docs to be sure though


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