Saturday, July 24, 2010

Sensivitve skin/skin allergy?

Is it possible for someone to be allergic to their deodorant? I've never had this problem before, but my armpits have been very itchy, %26amp; I've noticed that it is especially bad when I put my deodorant on. I know its not razor-burn. There are no bumps at all. It gets a little red after I've scratched. Is there a certain type of deodorant for this? Is it an allergic reaction to my deodorant?

Sensivitve skin/skin allergy?
yes that is possible. Try Dove deodorant for sensitive skin.
Reply:Definatley. I get that when I switch deoderants or when I usee too much. \

Try finding an all natural deoderant and slow doww on the amout for the first couple of days.

Also, wait a little after you get out of the shower to put the deoderant on because your pores are open from the warm water and this could contribute to your sensitivity.
Reply:Sounds like an allergy to me. Try switching brands, and see what happens.
Reply:If you have sensitive skin, do not use facial washes or soap; instead use a light, hypoallergenic cleansing lotion. Use a moisturizer to strengthen your skin and provide a barrier against irritants. Make sure you use an non perfumed moisturizer, which will not irritate your skin.check out

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