Friday, July 23, 2010

Horse has itchy spot?

my horse has a bald patch of skin on the bottom of his belly right behind his front legs. i know its from some kind of fly but it really bugs the living snot outta him, is there any way i can make it itch less?

Horse has itchy spot?
SWAT is definatly the best, because it will heal it and keep the flies off of it.
Reply:Keep swat on it until it heals up
Reply:put some corn starch on it - it seriously does help. Remember to constantly fly spray, too! ; )
Reply:There are creams you can get and fly spray is the best, also it could be sweaty so he might need a wash.
Reply:Well sounds like our horse has a case of the "Sweet Itch". It's a certain type of itch that horses get. Here are signs of Sweet Itch. 1. There will be a bald spot 2. The horse will be scratching it because it is itchy 3. You might see a couple of different kinds of bugs on it. Well all i know is to go to these websites and learn more about it. You can email me if you have anymore questions. (I'm a horse expert!)

My choice would be the 3rd website on here!!!
Reply:Are you sure its not rain rot (rain scald) RR occurs because your horse's skin and fur may have been damp from humidity or rain and this causes flaky skin, bald spots and itchyness! Put some idodine on it and it should go away soon! Keep the skin dry and remove the crusts!

If that doesn't work then it could be sweet itch... but generally sweet itch only affects the mane, the poll and the root of the tail-- in severe cases the neck. The hair in these areas quickly become thin and tufted, many papules develop, that ooze small blobs of serum on the surgace. If this is it-- try benzyl benzoate, caladryl, coal-tar lotions and even sump oil.
Reply:It might be that nasty sweet itch. Get him some Benzyl benzoate you can use citronella or oral prdnisolne stay away fron corticosteriods ac it can cause laminitis inflamation in your horse. Ther are alot of horse thos year contracting sweet itch.
Reply:If the problem is seasonal and he is rubbing himself raw on his belly, face, legs, tail. mane, etc. it could be sweet itch caused by no-see-ums (Culicoides). I've tried garlic, allergy shots, topicals and the thing I found that works best (although not a 100%) is the sweet itch or Boett blanket and hood. It is expensive, but is worthwhile. The only body part that isn't protected is where the legs meet the body.
Reply:My horses used to get gnats from grazing in our pasture which had knee length grass during the spring. That could be the problem, the irritated spots are usually found on the underbelly and legs where the gnats cling. You can actually purchase a small comb which will remove the gnats and their larvae. The best thing I ever came across was the product SWAT, works wonders.
Reply:Since it is on his belly, it probably isn't rain rot, which would be on top. It could be a summer sore, caused by a microscopic larvae. If so, a dose of oral Ivermectin will clear it up, as well as get rid of other worms.
Reply:go to local saddlery and ask for a cream for it. also get some "naff off" fly reppellant to stop the fly coming back, if it comes back itcould get worse

good luck! x

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