Saturday, July 24, 2010

Lower back pain and itchy belly?

The past few nights my back has been killing me, it hurts so bad I can't lay on it because if I do it feels like its about to break, and it hurts to lay on my sides too...I just can't get comfortable, I've even taken tylenol for it...Any other things I can do to try to relieve this pain?

Also, what causes your belly to itch while your pregnant? Is it because the skin is stretchin?

By the way I'm almost 28 wks.

Lower back pain and itchy belly?
The position of the baby and the extra weight are probably making your back hurt, Try sleeping in a chair for a few nights till the baby turns agains. The itching. skin stretching.. get come coccoa butter or really good moisturizer and keep rubbing it in.. the itches will probably be where the stretch marks appear and the moisturizer will help with that.

Congratulations on the baby.. hope it gets here healthy and happy.
Reply:tha mean you baby is big and hurt your lower back . yes your belly itch because it stretching.
Reply:Try sleeping on your side with a pillow under your stomach to keep the weight off your back. They do make a "C" shaped pillow for this that works great. And your exactly right about the ithing.
Reply:pillows, pillows, and more behind your back, one between your legs (knees and ankles), one under your belly...

the couch may also be more comfortable than the bed

chiropractic may help

the skin stretching is what makes it itchy, use a good moisturizer and try not to scratch at it
Reply:Your backaches are normal. u are carrying weight your body isnt use to, so it causes discomfort and pain. And please get urself some OLIVE OIL!! i used it from day one with my last pregnancy. I got no stretch marks.

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