Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Itchy armpits???

My armpits itch like hell, and I'm not sure why. It's gotten to the point where I have to wrap a scarf around my upper arm to keep from itching, since the skin there has gotten red and it's even started bleeding.

I use Teen Spirit Stick deoderant, so could it be a reaction to that? Although I've used it for over three years now with no problems except recently.

Could it be a reaction to a fabric? A soap? I'm totally confused!

Itchy armpits???
Go see your doctor, they'll do a skin test. If you're used to the deoderant, chances are it's not that. Do you have sensitive skin in general? If so, have you changed soaps recently? Even laundry soap? I'm highly allergic to certain types of laundry soap and fabric softener; I have to use the hypo allergenic kind with no dies and perfumes.

Another htought... does the skin look like it's got a rash? Kind of bumpy? Could be a yeast infection. Yes there is such a thing. My son's got one in his armpit and it's damn hard to get rid of. But the doctor told him to keep it dry (cause that's how you got it...the areas moist and just like down below it harbors bacteria, and no, not because you're dirty), also told him to get clortrimizole cream (not sure about the spelling, but it's like monistat, but not that cream... it's the one that starts with a C...monistat actually made it worse)...the 7 day cream. We actually got the 3 day cream and found it worked better.

Just some thoughts, but it's always best to see your doctor.
Reply:I don't know but now my pits are itching.... try a different deodorant.
Reply:Wash under there right now. Then put nothing on and try not to stink. Tomorrow, try something else. It is possible they reformulated it.
Reply:Try coloidalsilver I hade an ifection on my leg and it has helped good luck
Reply:Switch to dove. It could be your deodorant, they may have switched some of the ingredients. Companies do that all the time to try to improve a product.
Reply:Do you think you may have a sweat rash? Check this site out.
Reply:my pits get itchy when i need to shave and deodarant is one of the main culprits check your deodarant to see if it contains aluminum, you a all natural deodarant like dove or one from body and bath works that do not contain anything you may be allergic to
Reply:It could be a reaction to something in your deodorant, you can become allergic to something you have used for years. It could be the hair growing back as well. After I shave, I tend to get itchy the next morning. I would switch deod. to see if this helps.
Reply:it is some sort of reaction to what I don't know. My husband gets the itchy arm pitts in the summer or when he is hot. He has to use women's suave deodorant it is the only one that has stopped it so far.
Reply:Could be a yeast infection, yup thats what I said. Yeast grows on your body naturally but can get over active in warm moist areas, ya I know, Yuck. Been on antibiotics lately? That can cause the yeast to grow faster. Try a shower then blow dry your pits and use some baby powder or baking soda to help keep em dry. A little vinegar on a cotton ball may help to, but will sting like heck if you have any open areas. Wear tank tops to let them get lots of fresh air on them and try to keep your arms up as much as you can. If it doesn't clear up or gets worse go see your doc.
Reply:I am no doctor,but yes, you may be allergic to your deodorant, laundry soap,perfumes and/or body washes. Try to eliminate each one for two weeks and hopefully you will know which one is giving you your reaction.Good luck!P.S. As we get older our bodies chemistry changes, so even though we have used something for so many years, our body has decided it does not like it anymore! Weird I know but true!Again, Good Luck!
Reply:had this same problem-switch to another deodarant-i use dove now no problems
Reply:Maybe it's a reaction to your change your deoderant..and your soap..then see if it continues..if it does, id go to the might be a facbric your wearing..
Reply:Many probelms people have come from the intestines!!!!

you may want to have a test for CANDIDA

either through a urine/blood test at your Doctors Office or

(other helpful links)

an excellent book to buy is "Presciption for Nutritional Healing"

Vitamin shoppe has got it and this you can look up all kinds of symptom and problems and treatments

if you have Candida and your Doctor prescribes medication....ask him if there are any side effects? More importantly...ask him or her is she will take full responsibility for ANy damages caused by the drugs that they presricbe to you..If they cannot be professional enough to take that responsibility AFTER TAKING your money..I'd seek another Doctor and a more natural way of healing, because your problems may only be compounded, by their ignorance and lack of knowledge!!! O and if they agree, make sure you get it in writing! Recapture your conversation in writing with your Doctor and send it "return reciept" letter. That he or she agrees to take responsibility for any side effects or problems brought on by the medication. Thats your hard earned should be treated with the BEST of care!
Reply:first off.. do u shave? if u do, it could be just hair growing back because it does itch like crazy! if its not that then it could be the weather plus maybe the detergent that u recently washed ur clothes with, i doubt its the deoderant since u've been using it for over 3 yrs. i say within these couple of days.. try not to put on any deoderant but yet, stay dry and cool. change the detergent! it shouldnt be a big problem. good luck! now my armpit itches..

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