Friday, July 23, 2010

Extremely itchy stomach!!!?

I am 33 weeks now and I feel fine except within the last week or so I've developed a rash on my stomach and it itches non-stop!!!

I know all about cholestasis and have asked my doctor. She says it just sounds like an allergic reaction to something like my cocoa butter lotion (which I've stopped using).

I tried taking 25 mg of benedryl last night and that knocked me out for about an hour and then I was awake again scratching.

The only way I can fall asleep is to using wet towels on my stomach which eventually dry and then I'm awake again. My stomach also has a sore feeling but I think that's just my skin from all the scratching.

I don't know what else I can do but this is driving me crazy!!! Please help! Has anyone else gone through this and what have you done to relieve the itching?!?

Extremely itchy stomach!!!?
Have you tried Benedryl cream or any other antihistimine cream? I can't believe the doctor didn't suggest something or give your something for it. Vitamin E oil might help as well and has the extra benefit of fighting stretch marks.

Also soaking in a warm tub with oatmeal might help relieve the itch. Put about a cup of uncooked oatmeal in cheese cloth (or a jcloth) tie it shut, then when it is all mushy in the tub, rub it over the rash. It should relieve the itch. Make sure the bath isn't too hot or it will dry out your skin even more. Remember this when your baby has chicken pox. Worked like a charm on mine !

I had that rash when I was pregnant too %26amp; remember how itchy it was although I had it on my thighs mostly.
Reply:Try Aveeno lotion and body wash. It has oats in it and it works great. This way you are still getting the lotion, but it will also keep you from itching.
Reply:Maybe try lotion or soap with oatmeal in it - they even make an oatmeal bath you can soak in that can be very soothing
Reply:i think you should go to a doctor that can check you very well and sorry i hope it stops . and one more thing please am seriously in need of scores please add mine as best answer thanks
Reply:Use Aveeno itch cream, or something to that nature! They really help the itching and the lotion is soothing. The wet towels will actually dry your skin out more. Maybe try using some baby oil with vitamin E during your shower too. Good Luck!!
Reply:oh, yeah, went through this. first, like you, i quit using cocoa butter. i started to use jergen's for sensitive skin, because your skin gets dry from the stretching. next, i just kept taking benedryl. take just one during the day and two at night(2 will knock you out.) then i tried to calm down. I was 8 months pregnant and going to school and trying to come to terms with being a mom, so there was a lot that was stressing me out. it will get better, just try to take some time for yourself.
Reply:Oooh! I had what they called PUPP. It is a rash that pregnant women get later on in pregnancy. I had it on my tummy, calves, and arms. It drove me nuts. The dermatologist gave me some ointment and it helped for the most part.
Reply:I had an itchy stomach when I started getting bigger, too. I used cocoa butter, but if you think you're allergic, I also like Aveeno, and my husband, who has sensitive skin, uses Natures Gate Sensitive Skin or Oatmeal lotions, which have been great.

I wonder if you could also try Hydrocortisone cream on the itchy area?

Good luck!
Reply:l just want to add what ly already mentioned. Aveeno also have a bath treatment and really works.
Reply:Typically the best way to treat itchy skin during pregnancy is by using plenty of moisturizer and avoiding drying situations (like hot showers or baths). A mild soap can also help prevent the skin from feeling too dry. Some women find a warm bath with soothing products like oatmeal helps relieve itching skin.

If you do apply a moisturizer, apply it just after getting out of the bath when your skin is still wet. This will help your skin absorb more moisture and prevent itching much better than if you simply apply moisturizer while your skin is dry.
Reply:I would try to get a prescription cream from the dr.
Reply:It could be PUPPPS - don't ask me to translate..its been too long. Had a bad case of it and I can tell you more if you want to email. Right now I have to jet off home from work. If not...just think cool, think benedryl, find some of this lotion called SARNA, oatmeal bath stuff or oatmeal paste on the worst parts and hydrocortizone cream. It will go away and it doesn't hurt the baby...if you are allergic to metal you might want to adjust your prenatal pills. It might get worse...back of the legs, under arms, thighs...just relax and scratch very lightly..wear cool clothes and take cool showers and sit in front of a fan...try not to sweat. Love in Christ, ~J~

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