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Skin Problem?

we bought a colt at a sale during the summer and we have had him for a couple months now but a couple weeks ago i had noticed that he had terrible dandruff in big flakes and he is so itchy. we know it's not lice and its not mange. and his hair is not falling out. so the symptoms are terrible big flake dandruff all over his body and he is itchy everywhere, this has me stumped so i was wondering if any of you might know what is wrong? thanks for all your help!

Skin Problem?
After you've attacked the problem at hand with some nice shampoo/lotion whatever, really analyse the horse's diet. Most skin conditions stem from a lack or imbalance of vitamins and minerals, and can be corrected and prevented. Do you suppliment his feed or does it contain trace elements etc..? Talk with your feed supplier about a good quality mineral/vitamin suppliment for him based on your particular area.

And if it is really persistant, for the sake of your horse's comfort, it might pay to have a vet or barn manager take a look at it for you to rule out things like micro-organisms living under the skin.

Good luck

....afterthought: I have also used with success (depending on the cause) a few capfuls of Betadine solution (iodine-based antiseptic wash) in a half bucket of water. Wash the horse in a very mild shampoo like baby shampoo, scrape or towel off excess water, then sponge the contents of the bucket with Betadine over the horse, avoiding the eye area. Leave it on for an hour or so, then rinse off. I have also left this solution on the horse without rinsing, but on a sensitive skinned horse this might not be an option (and if they're grey, they'll look a funny yellow/orange colour for a while - harmless, but sure looks odd!)

My horses have had it. Just give them a good bath and rinse the shampoo out really well.
Reply:Go to you local feed store. There are sprays you can apply for dry skin. Something containing lanolin is good. You can also get Udder Balm, but a spray formula is easier to apply and a lot less messy.
Reply:Maybe also use a high end medicated shampoo made for horses.
Reply:it mite be from being washed to much do not give him Any baths it washes of the important oils on his skin and it can be from the weather change. some people oils organic lo shin

1 time a week but they can get a reaction to it .

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