Friday, July 23, 2010

Stop itchy stretch marks!?

ooooooooo my dear god my stretch marks aren't very bad, im actually quite pleased with them! less than 2 weeks to go and about 3 inches worth of stretch marks. anyway, during the day i keep putting sudacream on them as it stops them itching as much, yet for some unbeknown reason @ night i just cant stop rubbing them (scared i'll break the last layer of skin n blead everywhere if i scratch wiv me nails!) and nuffin i do seems to help! i've tried soaking them in warm n cold water (old trick mum used on me when i were little) sudacreme, anticeptic cream, E45, natural yoghurt, u name it i've pretty much tired it!

also seem 2 hav lil spots popping up in em. just lil white heads, but only where the red marks are, is taht normal? or just a weird thing 2 me? i hav midwife on tuesday and pre-birth health visitor tomorrow so i can ask either one, just wanted 2 kno what ppl thought.

and can any1 help stop the itching!!!!

Stop itchy stretch marks!?
what about a hydrocortizone cream an over the counter one might help unless that isnt allowed cause you are pregnant. (never been pregnant dont know if that is ok or not. )
Reply:WHAT, since when have stretch marks been itchy? And how can you be pleased with them, so confused.
Reply:two words


buy it from the chemist.its amazing

it reduces the appearance makes your skin feel gorgeous and stops the itching.its expensive though.

they also sell it in asda(uk)about £8 for a little bottle.
Reply:Don't scratch them, what ever you do, it will make them worse. In the US there is this stuff called palmers coco butter. I use it after showers and every night before bed, I haven't had itchy belly since then. And my stretch marks seem to be going away.

Before I got palmers, I put a warm wet cloth over my stretch marks for about 30 minutes, it helped a lot. BUT DON"T SCRATCH!!!!!

Good luck
Reply:vitamin e oil or coco butter cream.eather one of those will.and congate on being so close
Reply:omg, i am pregnant with twins and i now have stretch marks. luckily i didn't get them with my daughter. but they are so itchy!! and i have little bumps on them too. i can't do anything to stop it except put lotion on and try to ignore it. it's good to hear i'm not the only one!! good luck!!
Reply:Palmers coco butter is what I use also they make an after shower oil which is good too. Oh I do know what you mean about being pleased with them. I only got a few on each hip that are very small. I was pleased too.
Reply:I found baby oil was the only thing that stopped the itching. I used the gel because its not so slippery, and put it on a wet belly.

Hope it gives you a bit of relief!

Nice new hair do by the way!
Reply:Try BIO OIL!

It's a rapidly absorbded oil that doesn't leave a residude and can help minimise stretch marks as well as alleviate dryness and flakiness. Apply it shortly after taking a shower and let it sink in naturally - don't wipe it off. Reapply it after your next shower, and continue to do so daily!

My friend used this thoughout her pregnancy.....worked wonders!!! No scars, no ithchyness, no flakiness!!

Good luck!!!


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