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My dog has scaly, itchy patches all over. What are they?

She is a 9 mo. old beagle. She's see the vet 10 times for this. They always saysomething different and she's taken allergy medicine. Any ideas what this could be? When I pull on the scaly patches of skin they come right off, fur and all.

My dog has scaly, itchy patches all over. What are they?
My golden retriever had this off and on for about his first 9 mo. to a year. The vet speculated and mentioned the possibility of mange, but she said that it was most likely just the natural growth process. I was given a bottle of omega 3 fatty acid to put on his food every day. It seemed to really help and now he's 2 and his coat is beautiful. Also, be careful not to give too many baths--if you do give her a bath, use a sensitive skin shampoo.cream rinse, maybe like an oatmeal shampoo. Hope this helps.
Reply:she could have skin mites. treat her for them and see what happens. good luck.
Reply:It could be hot spots if you put alcohol on them they will heal.
Reply:Have they tested her for ringworm?
Reply:she could have mange or ringworm

you can try some athlete's foot cream and put it on the spots.
Reply:Has the vet done a skin scraping? Have them do a skin scraping where the affected area is. This could help figure out the problem. I have a neighbor who has a dog that has that and she has to feed him special food. No people food what so ever. Ask your vet about that and see what he/she says. GOOD LUCK!!

Reply:Two possibilities that occur to me: 1) mange, or 2) hot spots.

Easiest treatment for mange is to have the vet give your dog an injection of Ivermectin. Hot spots can usually be treated with a medicinal powder (designed for this purpose), and reduction of stress.
Reply:It could be allergies or a skin desease like people get!
Reply:my dog has the same sort of thing we use a special shampoo on her talk to the vet on shampoos
Reply:She could have ringworm or mange.Both you can catch from her.Mange can be tranfer from a pet to human and its called scabbies in humans.10 times to the vet is too much.The second time she went you should of demanded her skin to be tested.
Reply:Sounds like hot spots. First off don't pull at them. That won't help them.

Try switching the food she's on. Check the ingredients of what you're feeding her now. Hot spots sometimes come about as a reaction to an allergy in the food the dog eats. With my lab it was a yeast type allergy.

Now we switched her over to a raw food diet (Ground chicken, veggies and some fruit) but again some people may find this "wrong". It's not but it's everyones own opinion.

The hot spots itch, and the dog will itch that scratch, hence making the bald patches. Talk to your vet about hot spots, or even talk to another vet. Get a second opinion.

Good luck, hope this helps,

Reply:It could be mange, scabies, ringworm, allergies, or a vitamin deficiency. One thing that would not hurt is adding some veggie oil to her food once a week (maybe like 2 tsp.). That will add some fat to her diet, and maybe help her skin. If not, I would have some skin scrapes done and a fungal test done.

Good luck. P.S. If you have any scaly areas on your skin, you might want to be tested for ringworm. You two could be shearing it.
Reply:I'm not exactly sure what it is BUT if she is an outside dog, I have started using Nustock on all of my dogs and other animals.The lable says its for lots of stuff from red mange to cuts and swelling. It kinda smells like pine oil but it really works. Ask your vet about it. You can get it at most feed stores. Good luck!

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