Friday, July 23, 2010

Tiny red itchy spots?? What is it? usually on my inner thights some spots on my arms? they go away?

I get these tiny red spots from time to time without rhyme or reason? If its contact dermatitis which the dr thought it might be then why do they come at strange times, like vacuuming, walking, after a shower, sitting outside one time I put on some black jeans started iching and sure enough i had tons of tiny little red spots.

there is no correlation to these events or anything I have been in contact with at all those times?They go away after I spray them with cortisone or benadryl

what could i be allergic to, or could dry skin cause it????????

Tiny red itchy spots?? What is it? usually on my inner thights some spots on my arms? they go away?
well, it sounds like allergies. vacuuming stirs up dust and microbes, and steam from a shower can stir up stuff. the jeans probably had a dye you were allergic to. you should get an allergy test if you haven't already.
Reply:Sounds like it might be a heat rash.
Reply:Gonorrea???? Syphilis....
Reply:I think it is an allergic reaction like the hives, chicken pox, or just a bad rash.

I really do hope this gets better!
Reply:It could be eczema. Try using a skin moisturizer to keep it away.
Reply:When I saw this question, my first thought was also contact dermatitis. You ask "if it's contact dermatitis...then why do they come at strange times....?"

The one thing that these times all have in common is that your skin was in contact with fabric -- your clothing, your bath towel. Continue with the Benadryl spray when needed and switch to a dye-free, perfume-free laundry detergent or use Dreft laundry detergent (the one recommended for use with infant clothing and bedding). Avoid using fabric softeners or dryer sheets. I hope this will resolve the problem.
Reply:Have you ever thought of doing an herbal cleanse? Toxins in your body can cause skin problems. Check out Dr. Natura:

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