Saturday, July 24, 2010

What are some good sensitive skin products?

Whatever i use, i get itchy.

i used clearisel on my face and then nutragina and they both made me soo itchy.

for my hair i tried herbal essences because they use all nateral ingrediants but that made my whole body break out in a huge itchy bumpy rash.

I have a HUGE problem shaving my legs. whatever i use i Itch like crazy for days. I tried skintiment, aveeno, and one made for mens face. They all made me break out.

I tried cetaphil and it didnt help. Its possible it made me itch more.

please help.

What are some good sensitive skin products?
Hi I am a fully qualified Male Aesthetician Cert 4 AQF.

I am also Hiv/Aids and the majority of my clients are as well either women or men.

As I and many are on meds our skin has becom hyper sensetive, and all the norm products I can acquire have Parabens in them or Paba or or or the list of chemicals go on, as companies need to fill the product with preservitive for shelf life.

I looked and looked and now use plus reccomend to anybody who asks Miessence, and yes I sell it too and make no qualms about it, as it works!!! www.organicnaturalbeauty.

Have a look at the chemical list of ingriedients in all other products , you will be shocked. These products are also good for Retin A users.

One slight down fall, can not be kept on shelf forever. though why would you want too :))
Reply:If Neutrogena, Aveeno, and Cetaphil made you itchy, you really need to see a dermatologist. Those are the absolute gentlest brands on the larger market.

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