Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Is it due to low thyroxin level?

I am a male aged 55. I am not diabitic and take losataren potassium 50 mg /day to control my blood preassure. Drink alcohol (33.4% strength) 200 ml before dinner.I have beeen experiencing, a muscle pain all over the body, sleepiness, pain in some joints when moving and itchy skin in some places, especially on the back for more than 2 weeks. A physian who known to me and knows that I am drinking alcohol, suggested it was due to some drug reaction with alcohol and advised me to stop drinking alcohol. Even two days after stoping alcohol completely I experienced the same symptoms. Consulted another specialist physcian, she tentatively diagnosed the condition as low blood tyyroxin level and prescribed Thyroxin 50 microgram, Cetrim 10 mg (anti histamine) both 1 tab a day for 2 weeks. And also prescribed sustid soap (antifungal soap) Asked to do Hb/PCV, FT4TSH and S.alkalinephosphatase and to see her in 2 weeks.Can anyone suggest what this condition is?

Is it due to low thyroxin level?
hypothyroidism, go to a different doc they should be putting you through blood work to check your thyroid and see if there is an underlying problem- go to a different doc
Reply:Roxine level SHOULD not cause the itching, but

a drug interaction with the liver will. Have you had unexplained weight gain-frequently cold when others are not, hair loss(not male pattern baldness) thin skin that bruises easily-if not it is probably not a thyroid condition- the itching should STOP if you STOP alcohol. sound like allergic reaction, but also could be a thyroid malfunction that can return to normal if you stop drinking or minimize it.

Stay in tough with you Doctor-does not sound serious but a complete CBC, Liver Panel etc.... should be done -in my opinion.
Reply:Muscle and joint aches are a symptom of being hypothroid. The fatigue is also a symptom. Your doctors agrees as she put you on thyroid medication. What you need to watch is your thyroid levels. The TSH in the morning should e around 1.0. Make sure you get it there. If after it being at 1.0 for many months you still have the symptoms, then you may need both T4 and T4. You are currently on T4. It's the T3 that often helps to relieve the muscle and joint aches. I started out on T4 and it did nothing for my symptoms. Now on Armour thyroid with my doctor adjusting the dose by Free T4 and Free T3, I no longer have the pains.

Below are some thyroid websites. good luck.


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