Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Itchy legs...:(?

Every winter I get these bumps on my legs and they itch like crazy! When I scratch, in my fingernails comes a white powdery stuff. I think my skin has a problem naturally exfoliating the dead skin because of the dry air. Give me some tips to help get rid of this problem because I've scratched so much I have broken the skin and some spots bleed. The itch drives me crazy so it feels better to scratch.

Itchy legs...:(?
Use an anti-itch cream like Benadryl until it heals from scratching. Then exfoliate with a puff in the shower every day, (but don't do it hard) and use body lotion right after the shower so it seals in the moisture. You might have to put the lotion on a couple times a day, and use unscented stuff.

I get the same thing in winter, but doing this really helps.
Reply:Shave, then use lotion. Keep using lotion until your skin isn't dry anymore.
Reply:Get Cetaphil and wash with that.

Also use Woolite in the laundry
Reply:stop scratching. get a good lotion for dry skin and slather that stuff on whenever you get out of the shower. also at night before bed and when you get dressed in the morning.
Reply:That's called Winter Itch, hon. You need to get a medicated cream - like Gold Bond - to take care of it. It comes from dry skin....
Reply:Your right. The dead skin cells is the white suff. Stop scratching yourslelf that makes it itch more. When you take a shower scrub it with a little towel, and make sure you use soap. Scrub it hard, but dont hurt yourself, when your done with your shower put on some moisterizing lotion. When your legs get itchy and scratchy again apply some anti itch cream which you can buy form the nearest drug store, and stop scatching.
Reply:wow what a small world I had this problem a few days ago.. its so cold outside here and snowing... so the air in my house is dry,

why don't you put a really good moisturizer lotion on your skin and perhapse put a humidifer on in your room to add moisture in your home and perhapse switch to a fragrant free body soap you could be alergic to the soap you use or the laundry detergent you use try perfume free dye free

hope this helps
Reply:There is a product called SARNA, It's a cream that stops the itch.

I used it years ago for the same problem, back then it was only available through prescription, but I believe it's an over-the- counter medicine now, you're local drug store should carry it............It works.

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