Wednesday, July 21, 2010

She's so itchy! help, please?

I have a 10-month old, 9-lbs chihauhau/pug mix. She's been wanting us to scratch just above her tail on her back for DAYS now...and it's such a strong itch that she barks when we stop. She's walking under kitchen chairs scratching on the legs, and it's sad to watch. She pants and gets so frustrated! We gave her a bath using the soothing, sensitive formula but it hasn't helped any. We think she might have some sort of skin rash, since we give her flea treatment. Her black hair is so short and coarse that we can't part it to see her skin, but when I flip her over and look down at her "female parts" where there's no hair, and it's a little red. What can we give her/put on her that will stop her itching? I feel so bad for her!!!

She's so itchy! help, please?
Vet's give allergy shots. If you can't get to a vet. give her a soothing bath with oatmeal and milk if she will let you and you can give her a infant or VERY small child's dose of benadryl if she is about 9lbs. I wouldn't give her benadryl if she has any medical conditions with her heart/lungs but otherwise it's safe. The allergy shot is the best advice and it lasts 6-8weeks which gets most dogs through the "itchy" season.
Reply:Go to the chemist and buy egozite cream find it in the baby section i used this on my dogs and it clears the rash and puts a protective layer on the skin you need only to use a little..good luck!

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