Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sick Puppy Need New Food!!!!?

I have an 8 month old Jack Russell Chihuahua who has special needs when it comes to food. She was suffering from a bad intestinal illness when I got her and she has since recovered. To prevent any further illness, she must be on a high quality diet with no beef, wheat, soy, corn, and things like that. She has had chronic ear infections and itchy skin which may be due to food allergies.

I know I want to give her a holistic food like Wellness, EVO, Canidae, etc. I know all about by-products and preservatives and do not want them in the food either.

So, I would like recommendations on what brand I should feed her and what brand works best with your dog. Also, if youve had bad experiences with some of these holistic/high quality foods, let me know about that too

P.S. A raw diet will not work because her intestines arent strong enough to fight of possible bacteria in raw food

Sick Puppy Need New Food!!!!?
I have a soon to be 7 year old spayed female indoor only cat that has the same problem with certain foods and I have had to take her to the vet alot for cortisteroid injection to stop inflamation and itching of the skin due to food allergies. There is a nice dog %26amp; cat food by science diet that is a natural food or you could try science diet prescription formulas.
Reply:Many vets can give you a diet that you can fix for her. I have a vetenarian who gave me a dog menu and I cook for my shih tzu's. You can ask your vet or go online for vetenarian recipes for dogs.
Reply:What works best for *my dog* is Canidae and Merrick.

I also really love the ingredients in Artemis FreshMix, but it's not available to me locally; I can only get it by having it shipped, so I don't get it often.


There is no food that is the *best*, different individual dog may thrive on different foods. What is best for one may not be the best for the next. And just because a food is good quality, it doesn't mean it will jive the best for your dog.

What you want to find is the HIGH-QUALITY food that *your dog* does best on. It may take some experimenting.

Reply:I have a friend who makes her dog food... she feeds her boiled chicken mixed with rice and adds peas and/or green beans. If the dog's stomach is upset, then she just gives her just the chicken and rice. A lot of vets recommend this if you are able to make it and have the time.
Reply:There are two brands that I've fed my dogs before, Nature's Recipe and Natural Balance, that have allergy formulas. They actually don't even have any meat in them because of meat allergies some dogs have. If you don't want to feed your dog vegetarian food, you can see what other foods those brands have. They don't use by-products.


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