Wednesday, July 21, 2010

HELP! Itchy Chihuahua?

My chihuahua wont stop scratching. She is a blue haired chihuahua and I read that blue haired chihuahua have more sensitive skin. We bath her every now and then with some good medicated shampoo that you have to rub on for 10 to 20 minutes and we give her this oil that is supposed to moisterize the skin. She also has some spots on her inner thigh that at first I thought were just scabs from her chewing but I rubbed them and its her skin. They look like small liver spots. I don't know what to do. Every 5 seconds she starts chewing or scratching!!

HELP! Itchy Chihuahua?
1) Fleas! Put Frontline Plus on her right away! The #1 reason for itching, scratching, and chewing around the tail and rear legs is fleas and flea allergies.

2) Food! Food allergies more commonly present in the ears, feet, eyes, and lips, however itchyness around the legs and groin are not uncommon.

3) Environment! Our pets can be allergic to anything - including their owners! Antihistamines help a lot, talk to your vet!

If she is causing trauma to her skin, secondary to the allergies (meaning she is actually causing herself injury by chewing and scratching so much) she should DEFINITELY see a vet. They will probably give her some antibiotics to clear up the skin infections, and some steroids to put a stop to the itching. However, don't just leave it at that, because as soon as the medications are finished, she will start all over again!

The best thing you can do is have a discussion with your vet about what you can do. First, get rid of those fleas I bet she has. They are great at hiding, so you may not even know she has them. Give her a good flea bath and put her on flea prevention drops like Frontline. Give this a month or two to take effect (allergic reactions can continue for weeks after the source has been removed). If she continues to itch and scratch, your vet will be your best guide in finding out what she is allergic to.
Reply:Give her a soft skin lotion for dogs, and then if that doesn't ork take her to the vet!
Reply:Sounds like allergies or flea bites. Understandibly when dogs get bitten by fleas the area can itch for up to 30 days!! Incredible I know, but if its not a flea problem, it has to be allergies. My 12 year old mutt has had a similar problem. She was itching her belly area alot and I looked and it was dried blood from too much itching, I rushed her to the vet the next day and he said it was from environment allergies. He gave her a shot of cortizone, and a perscription to take cortizone for 1 week. After 1 week she isnt scratching the area and its healing nicely. I would mabye consider trying another vet. If the one you are currently using keeps saying just use medicated shampoo and thats not helping they obviously arent doing their job.
Reply:It could be allergies - we had a bulldog who got spots like that from eating chicken. They went away when we switched her to a lamb and rice formula (and never gave her table scraps of chicken).

Sounds like you need a new vet - this one is taking the easy way out. If his solution isn't working, he should be providing other options.
Reply:Since your dog has sensitive skin, a medicated shampoo is too strong. Try using a baby shampoo like Johnson %26amp; Johnson. Also, you should not give a dog a bath not earlier than 10 days. You need to allow for their natural oils to come back to coat their skin/hair. If she's not getting enough oils from her pet food, it's ok, once %26amp; a while to add a piece of bacon or even a little olive oil to her food. I did say very little because may have another problem.
Reply:Well it it still quite possible that she might have contracted fleas somewhere. also, if that is all your vet says after being there 3 times, try a new one.

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