Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Itchy red bumps on arms and legs?

I have recently began to get intchy red bumps on my arms and legs. I thought it was dry skin because the weather is colder now, so i have been applying lotion but it still is showing up. I have never had this in the past and have not changed my soaps...could it be anything else other than dry skin?

Itchy red bumps on arms and legs?
instead of applying lotion- exfoliate the areas. All the lotion is doing is trapping in moisture and not allowing dead skin cells to "fall off". This could be congesting the areas on your arms and legs. You can get exfoliates pretty much anywhere...ones such as the apricot scrub made by st. Ives is a really good one. Use it at least twice a week. The best time to apply lotion is right after exfoliating. Hope this helps. if not, it could be something else that you would want to get checked out by a dermatologist.
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Reply:It is possible to become allergic to your bath soap and laundry detergent , even though you have used them for years. Try changing your soaps for a month to see if that helps clear up your rashes. Also if your skin is very dry you should be careful when showering that you don't stand under the water spray more than 10 minutes. I was told to use a mild soap that wasn't a deoderant type too. Your skin also needs moisture from the inside too,,,please drink lots of water! It will help the dryness from inside out! If the rash still bothers you and will not go away,please see an Allergy Doctor or a Dermatologist to find out why your body is reacting this way! you can also try some over the counter hydrocortazone cream for itching, and see it that helps.

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