Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Itchy body-mites,lice??

My best friend became a roomate at a ladies house almost 3 weeks ago. The first day I visited I had thought the dogs had flees (something was biting my legs) but after a few visits I mentioned to her that I thought she had brought fleas to my home (she visits alot) but I know what fleas look like and I can't find even one in my clothes or on my skin. She, my son, and I are itching like crazy! I feel like there's something crawling on my skin and head that bites me but I can't see anything at all. Same for my friend and my son. I've never had lice so I don't know what to look for. Anyone have any ideas of what could be at that ladies house that has affected us? BTW, my friend is moving out this weekend because the house is filthy and horrible if this could be a sign. Thanks!!!

Itchy body-mites,lice??
Sounds like scabies! Go to your doctor, they'll let you know for sure. They will most likey subscribe a sort of body lotion that you leave on for an amount of time that should kill them. Wash everything in hot water! Bedding, pillows, anything you normally touch. You have to kill them all. I've never had them, but was experiencing some skin problems and I had to use the lotion and clean my everything as a precaution. Thank goodness it wasn't scabies. They are very contagious. They can jump from one person to the other.

Im sure its awful.

Hope things work out!
Reply:well if you had lice its not likely your body would itch since they can't embed themselves on your skin,. but if you head is itching then that measn you got lies but not your bodies....
Reply:Wash all bedding in hot water. Bug bomb the house. Wash ALL clothing in hot water that can be. What can't be washed in hot water, put in the freezer.

If necessary, hire someone to clean the house.
Reply:There are some mites that are too small to see without magnification. Buy some nix and don't for get to treat you clothes and beds. wash all clothes is hot water adn dry very hot.
Reply:it looks like scabies, there is a cream that kills it in 24 hours. see your pharmacist

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