Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Itchy eyes / Dog allergies?

Does anyone here have a dog with allergies?? I have a lab/shepherd mix that will occassionally itch her eyes to the point of making the skin around her eyes red and the hair will fall out. I DID bring her to the vet when this happened last and the vet insisted that if it was allergies, she would be itching all over and biting her paws/legs. They scraped her skin and checked for mites and that came up negative. Now again, a month or so later, she's itching her eyes. I hate seeing her this way, she has to be uncomfortable. I'm taking her back to the vet tonight but in the meantime I've been putting a cool rag on her face and that seems to help her a lot. The swelling/redness goes down and she stops itching. This has happened about 3 times in the past 6 months. Now I'm thinking she could possibly come into contact with itch weed or something on our walks... has this happened to anyone before?

Itchy eyes / Dog allergies?
I suspect that your chi is experiencing contact dermatitis or allergy as your vet diagnosed. Because it only happens from time to time she is most likely getting into something. Do you let her put her head out the window of the car? If so, she may have gotten debris in her eye AND the more she skratches it, the more it itches.

You might try rinsing her eyes daily with a sterile eye solution this will help to sooth the eye %26amp; skin around it. When she starts the itching, make note of where you have been with her, what type of cologne you were wearing, what she ate (if you sare feeding her something other than kibble, etc.) and take it with you when you see her vet. This will help narrow down the possibilities and help your vet better evaluate her condition.
Reply:She might be coming into contact with something on the walks. She might be making it worse with the rubbing at it. I know right now my eyes are itching like crazy due to allergies so there is definitely stuff in the air. Maybe the vet could suggest some eye drops to help clean out her eyes. That is what I do this time of year. Maybe just wiping down her face with water could help get whatever she might be getting into off of her face and out of her eyes.
Reply:My dog has itchy eyes. There are several brands of non-prescription eye drops available at Petco that can be used up to four times a day. I put them in my dog's eyes BEFORE she goes outside, and at night. Ask your vet if this is OK for your dog.

For skin, my vet gave my dog a non-colloidal oatmeal shampoo and leave-in rinse that has helped tremendously with itching and scratching. It is NOT true that allergies can't be located in isolated spots. Contact dermatitis and certain other skin reactions usually are almost often localized, according to my dog's vet and my own doctor. Good luck.


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