Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Itchy breast...HELP!!?

It really itches at the bottom of my breasts like under them that is.

I scratch it to the point where it gets really red and little bumps show up. my skin just feel irritated. it does look irritated. however, it does start to look irritated though when im done scratching it.

no, im not pregnant.

no, im not getting my period any day soon.

no, no, im not allergic to the fabric from my bra

...and don't tell me to see a doctor...Your not helping me and definetly not answering my question.

anywyas...Has this happened to you or someone else that you know of????

what is it? what could it be? and what can I do to reduce the itching?

serious answers please!!(I don't want to read nothing smart like: why are you up on here asking yahoo! answers?

it's like me asking why is there a topic on womens health right? so hush let it be!)

Thanks in advance!

Itchy breast...HELP!!?
Have you recently changed detergents or fabric softeners? Bath soaps or skin lotions? Perfumes? Even if you've not, you can develop an intolerance to one over time.

What you need to do is NOT scratch, no matter how much you want to! I would recommend getting some Cortisone cream or Gold Bond anti-itch cream and see if that doesn't help. And try wearing a bra as little as possible till this clears up. Maybe even switch for a few days to an all-cotton bra to allow the skin to breathe and heal.

And sorry to say, but if this doesn't clear up, you may need to see a doctor so they can give you a prescription cream to clear up whatever's wrong.
Reply:Start putting some baby powder under them.

You sweat and then bacteria starts to grow causing the itching.
Reply:Possibly heat rash. If your sweat and the area does not dry and stays wet, it can cause bump and rash. Try applying some powder to absorb the sweat.
Reply:You could have a variety of skin condition for a fungal infection (very common if you are heavy and have large breast), to other forms of dermatitis (inflamation of the skin). You could try over the counter antifungals like miconazole. If it doesn't help, you need to see a doctor. (Sorry, I know you don't want that answer, but when it comes to health issues, it is often the best one.)
Reply:Sounds like a fungal growth. Be specially careful to dry this area after washing. You could try a little athletes foot powder or dry anti fungal powder, often used in hospitals. Ask in a chemists shop.
Reply:Happens to me fairly often. I find that unscented powder under my breasts after each shower really helps to keep the area dry and lessens the itching.
Reply:That happened to me until I got a breast reduction.

Your funny.


Yeah i Hate when people put "amg why are you putting this sht on yahoo" I agree.

uh. idk though. Scratch them more? x] just kidding. Uhm, go buy some itching cream.

Reply:Use some Gold Bond medicated powder under those sweet lady lumps. Please keep'm healthy!!
Reply:I use a powder called Shower to shower. You can find it with the deoderants. This happends to me sometimes if my breasts are growing. You know your supposed to get measured for a new bra every 6 months? Crazy eh?
Reply:I think it just might be nerves.
Reply:This can be eczema or another kind of infection, I would suggest cleaning the skin well and use powder to keep the area from being irritated. I know you don't want to see a dermatologist but you may need one if you see things get worst.

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