Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Itchy problems?

ladies what would you do if you were sound a sleep and then all of the sudden you wake up to your male friend itching everywhere at five in the morning . i thought maybe he has a skin problem so i offered to rub his back with eucerine and he told me he was fine but kept itching anyway. he mad me so upset that i got out of my own bed and went into my sister bedroom to sleep. i really wanted to be rude and tell him to get the **** out of my bed and the house but i didn't want to hurt his feelings . ladies or men what would you have done?

Itchy problems?
tell him that scratching only damages the skin further and makes him more itchy. also tell him that it must be treated cuz if its severe enough to bother you a lot than it must be bothering him a lot.

be honest. holding these types of things in cannot be good for you or your relationship.
Reply:I would have made him get out of my bed!! How gross. He could have crabs or scabies and they could be infesting your bed. OMG sanitize that stuff!! Would you rather hurt his feelings, or have bugs?!
Reply:Same as you + insist he see a doctor. If he cares for you the last thing he'd want to do is to pass anything, even a minor problem, on to you.
Reply:I think you should be more worried about WHY he is so itchy.
Reply:told him to take a bath.
Reply:Um honey please he may have been allergic to you...ever think of that
Reply:maybe it's the sheets or the soap you use
Reply:eww,, he could have scabies or something. i would of told him to get out, or something, because YOU could get them from him and the scabies will spread all over the house and everyone in the house will get them
Reply:i prolly wouldve told him to take care of his itchy problem. to like put some creme on or somethin.
Reply:LOL! You have bed bugs.

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